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  • It' s a charming and magical family home but...
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    Firstly may we say how much we enjoyed the magical environment of your longtime family Home and the sheer beauty of the area in la Belle France that is Cassis. So many strong lovely family memories. Thank you too for letting us stay the final day so we weren’t leaving in a rush. We have stayed in many many lovely homes over the years in Europe and so the following feedback is based on this. The Pool being cold and emptied - The pool was freezing on the first day and after 4 days we had got the pool up to an acceptable temperature to find out instead of the pool being cleaned it was completely emptied at approx 11 am on the 5th day . We were told it would refill in about 4 hours . Some 8 hours later it was full with freezing cold sea water which meant it wasn’t available to use virtually all that day and most of the next day. This deflated the morale of all of us as the pool is an vital component of any English families holiday . Surely we should have been informed that this would be happening and I wasn’t –there is a big difference clean and empty – my French is fluent and this is not acceptable in any shape or form in the middle of a holiday. We made extra efforts not to let the doors slam in the wind - however an accident occurred with the window of the door In the UK these would have to be fitted with safety glass and as you are renting the house out it’s likely that this will occur again and potentially someone possible a child could be seriously injured I feel you should address this problem as you may run the risk of legal action in the future. It would too have been polite to ask at least once how my wife’s cut leg was healing too. Lacking an Instruction book It is usual have one - we needed one for Number of a doctor and hospital casualty the electric gate and what to do if as happened it stopped working where the bins and recycling bins are And perhaps useful advise with recommended restaurants the best mosquito spray ( we were badly eaten despite our English products) and telling us just before as we are leaving did not help and where the all vital information when you arrive in an unknown place. It also would have been informative to know that the front gate was also used by someone else who lived in the corner house that was alarming and invasive too. We hope you and your family think of addressing these issues so future holiday makers at Cassis can have a perfect time in your fabulously located home .

    Stayed: Aug 2018
  • Very nice but not enough cups for 12 peopla
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    Needs more toilets upstairs

    Stayed: Sep 2018