Software Partnership Programme

Supporting market leading products and services for the holiday rental industry.

Connecting to one of the world's largest network of holiday rental sites is easier than ever and will bring you many benefits. is a part of the HomeAway® group, a world leader in vacation rentals with over 15 years experience helping property managers market their properties online. When you advertise with us your listings are published on more than 25 additional leading holiday rental websites across our global network.

Software Partners Benefits

Reach millions of travellers across our 25 international websites

Your clients will have access to HomeAway's Expanded Distribution Network including Expedia and Kayak

Provide a streamlined booking process and the chance to increase potential bookings with Online Booking

Your management system gets fully integrated as part of a complete solution that meets all the needs of your clients

Gain new customers with our Partnership Programme

Benefit from all marketing activities conducted by HomeAway

Receive professional follow-up reports on performance (Listing Quality Score, Response Rate Score, Page View Statistics, Online Booking Acceptance Rate and Revenue figures through Online Booking)

Sigining up to our Software Partnership Programme is free and easy. If you own a property software company contact us at

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to join our Software Partnership Programme, the Property Management Software Company must meet the following criteria:

  • The Property Management Software Company must provide a tool for Professional Property Managers (agencies that manage properties professionally on behalf of private owners) which enables them to update rates, availability, restriction, cancellations, booking statuses etc. automatically for all managed properties.
  • Have a technical ability to distribute (push vs pull model) on 3rd party distribution websites.
  • Have a minimum of 5,000 vacation rental properties connected to the software.
  • Have single-unit vacation rentals.
  • Have either Multi-Unit or Representative-Unit properties, buildings, sites or holiday-parks.
  • Property Managers and properties distributed to HomeAway should be exclusively connected to your software.
  • The properties must be connected through to Property Managers that use your software.
  • The 5,000 properties must be from Property Managers that manage at least 5 properties.
  • Applications must be submitted by Professional Property Managers only. Private property owners are not taken into consideration.
  • Provide a tool less than 2 versions behind on our latest XML version.
  • Enable online booking for all Property Managers and all properties.
  • Property Management Software Company must commit to provide at least 10% of their customers (Property Managers) as Integrated Property Managers.
  • Share database of Property Managers 2 times a year, with minimum information : company name, website, contact, contact email, contact phone, inventory.

HomeAway recognises preferred partners for providing unique solutions to the holiday rental industry, and for generating a significant number of new listings in its global marketplace.

If you own a property software company and sign up for our Partnership Programme, we're happy to supply the following badges which you can use on your website to gain new customers.


The HA-XML Listing integration is the foundational integration required to take advantage of any other integration offerings. The Listing integration allows an Integration Partner to represent their properties on the HomeAway family of sites. The Listing integration includes static listing content, rate content, and availability.

The HA-XML Inquiry integration allows an integration partner to retrieve traveller enquiries from the HomeAway platform. These enquiries can then be presented to the owner or property manager in their native CRM or property management system for follow up with travellers.

The HA-XML Online Booking integration allows an integration partner to support natively bookable properties on the HomeAway network. The integration consists of three components:

  1. Quote Request/Quote Response
  2. Booking Request/Booking Response
  3. Booking Update

The HA-XML Reviews integration allows qualified integration partners to attach reviews collected by the integration partner to properties on the HomeAway platform.

The HA-XML Commissions integration allows an Online Booking integrated partner to retrieve commission information relative to bookings facilitated through HomeAway along with metadata for the bookings. This integration can help with financial reconciliation and can help facilitate commission splits in our Integration Partners' systems.

In order to provide more predictability around our integration release schedule, HomeAway now delivers seasonal integration packages in the Spring and Autumn of each year. These seasonal packages represent a point-in-time baseline of all our integration offerings. In addition to providing more predictability in scheduling and resource planning, these seasonal releases also provides more visibility into the complete list of integration offerings available to our Integration Partners.

HomeAway recommends planning in advance for and implementing each seasonal upgrade. By keeping your integration current, you ensure you are leveraging the most recent functionality added to the HomeAway platform and are receiving the maximum benefit from your integration. As HomeAway adds support for a new feature, that feature is only supported in a new version of the integration. We do not retrofit functionality into a previously released integration.

If your HA-XML integration suite hasn't been updated in over 12 months, you should expect functionality gaps between the integration and the HomeAway platform, which could impact traveller conversion. If your HA-XML integration suite hasn't been updated in over 18 months, HomeAway will request you upgrade to a newer version.