Owners Direct is Now HomeAway - Welcome to HomeAway

Owners Direct has officially moved to HomeAway.

As a top player in the holiday rental market, HomeAway attracts holidaymakers from all over the world. This means that you, and all of our partners, will now benefit from a much greater marketing spend, more visibility, and - ultimately - more bookings from the UK and the rest of the world.

Given that our brand awareness in the UK has grown by around 40% in the last year, HomeAway is the right brand to maximise your business. It's also worth noting that, globally, HomeAway bookings have increased by a staggering 45% in the last year.

HAUK Growth

*Source: HomeAway Customer Satisfaction Survey, Q2 2017, and Expedia Group 2018 Q1 earnings report, HomeAway Internal data 2018.

What should I do now?

Start exploring HomeAway! You can log in with your existing Owners Direct login details to find your listing data, tools, booking history and ongoing bookings. Settling in will be no problem.

You may be asked for two-factor authentication when you log in, so you'll need the phone number assigned to your previous Owners Direct account.

What this change will mean for me

New brand, more visibility

As a single global brand, we can now concentrate all of our marketing efforts, positioning HomeAway as the go-to brand for the kind of guest you want to attract.

Easy-to-use tools

Managing your listing with our best-in-class app and reservation tools will be just as simple as it is today.

Your listing, your way

You remain in control of pricing, availability, who stays, and for how long.

Secure communications

We’re constantly working on new and improved communications tools, to ensure the security of your interactions with your guests.

What the future holds

HomeAway remains committed to benefiting your business, and is investing heavily. This year, we've advertised on major UK TV channels, including Sky, ITV and Channel 4. Expect new TV and radio advertising, as well as improved targeted email marketing, in the very near future.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Owners Direct moving to HomeAway?

We are consolidating the two brands in order to focus our resources and investments, to build a much stronger and more competitive single brand in the UK.

How are you going to make my listing more successful following the consolidation?

Focusing on just one global brand will allow us to streamline our efforts and marketing spend, and ultimately to drive more holidaymakers to your listing. There has been a big increase in website visits to HomeAway.co.uk, and we will continue to drive traffic to your listings. We're also continuously optimising our services, so your business can be more efficient than ever before. Your reviews and reputation will not be affected by this change.

What do I have to do?

Just log in to HomeAway with your current Owners Direct credentials. All of your details and information have been passed across and the tools are exactly the same. You don't need to change your username or password.

What happens with my information, data, bookings, etc.?

You'll find all of your Owners Direct account information when you log in to HomeAway. Your enquiries, bookings and communications will all be visible in your HomeAway account.

Is the HomeAway dashboard different to the Owners Direct dashboard?

No, your dashboards, tools and services are exactly the same on HomeAway.

What happens if I am a Property Manager with one existing HomeAway account and one for Owners Direct? Will I keep both?

No. Once the brand consolidation is complete, owners will not be able to access their Owners Direct accounts. You'll need to log in to HomeAway to find all of your Owners Direct and previous HomeAway listings. All of your Owners Direct listings are now HomeAway branded. This is true for both home owners and Property Managers.

I believe that Owners Direct has more visibility in Google ranking, so I don't want to advertise on HomeAway.
Will you refund my subscription?

The Owners Direct site will be consolidated into HomeAway, meaning only the HomeAway site will have visibility moving forward. All Owners Direct traffic will be redirected to HomeAway, so HomeAway will receive more visitors than before. If you're not satisfied, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Are you going to inform my upcoming guests that their reservations are still confirmed?

Yes, we are going to contact all guests with upcoming bookings about the name change. We'll make it clear that their bookings still stand, and remind them that they can log in to any of The HomeAway Group's sites using the same credentials. Their information and bookings can be managed from any of our sites.

Will my reviews also remain on HomeAway?

Yes, Owners Direct is already part of the same platform, so all the data will remain the same.

Will my listing number be the same after the consolidation?

Yes, you will keep the same number.

What will happen with the Owners Direct customer service phone number? If a customer dials the number what will happen?

The customer service number will stay active for 30-60 days after consolidation. If a customer calls the Owners Direct number, they will hear a message explaining the move to HomeAway, before being connected to the existing HomeAway queue.

Will my guests be able to pay their balance if their original booking was through Owners Direct?

Yes, they will be able to pay their balance.

Can I now log in to my account through any HomeAway site?

No, you only can log in to HomeAway.co.uk - this is where your account is located.

Will my money be paid into the same account as before, or do I need to set this up again?

It will be paid to the same account. All of your Owners Direct account settings, data and information remain the same in your HomeAway dashboard.

Owners Direct works well for me, and I don't get bookings from any other HomeAway brand. Won't the consolidation affect my bookings?

We will be redirecting all traffic from Owners Direct to HomeAway when we consolidate the brands, so you'll still get enquiries from those Owners Direct holidaymakers you're used to, but now it will be via HomeAway.

Twice the number of properties are now listed in my area, which means more competition. My bookings will be negatively affected - where did all these properties come from?

Consolidating brands means we're unifying properties and holidaymakers into one global brand - that's why you'll now see more properties listed, but your home is also getting more visibility. Your rank is determined by data about your property: the quality of the photos and descriptions, competitive rental rates, secure and reliable bookings, and great reviews. Make sure you provide the best experience to holidaymakers and guests, and your property will rise in the holidaymaker search ranking.