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  • Stunning location
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    Loved the area, location to the beach and the calm, peaceful atmosphere. The perfect tonic for releasing the pressure and stresses of work. Villa was lovely. bright and clean with all the amenities to make your stay perfect. Description on website is totally accurate right down to the proximity to the beach, unlike some I have encountered in the past. Highly recommend this villa 😀

    Stayed: Sep 2018
  • Nice place near Marina Di Ragusa
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    This is a really good villa around 3 KM outside of Marina Di Ragusa. The house itself is at the end of a small row of 3 similar villas and the garden is very private which makes it easy to enjoy what is easily the best pool / outdoor space we have ever had (we use villa rental a lot). The pool itself is big and is a uniform depth which is perfect. The temperature is just right, cool enough to be refreshing, not so cold that it takes your breath away and doesn't give it back! It is also not surrounded by trees or bushes which means I didn't have to spend all day cleaning it before it could be used. Brilliant. Inside is good although slightly less compelling than the outdoor space. It has a really good sized open plan kitchen / dining area / sitting area - really spacious and bright (a wall of sliding glass doors at the back helps with this), the kitchen is well fitted and stocked. The sofa is comfortable and appropriately sized for a villa like this. The TV is less good - there is no internet connection for the TV so we couldn't use things like Netflix which is always useful when you have kids in tow and you are likely to spend some time in the villa in the evening. The TV here just has basic satellite with multi-country news channels and not anything else for UK customers. With smart TV being so cheap now, it doesn't make sense to stick with an old and limited system like this. WiFi is good. The air conditioning blows cold but isn't very powerful. This is fine so long as the power doesn't go off - something that occurs readily if you put too many appliances on at the same time. If the air conditioning goes off, it takes quite a while for it to come back on. There are three bedrooms, one of which is definitely a "kids" room (single bed). There are two bathrooms - one is a shower room and the other has a bath. The bath though is a problem. We like baths, but this one is huge and has a "hot tub" function. The "hot tub" (bubbles) function doesn't work though and the bath itself is so massive that it takes far too long to fill. Sitting in it is uncomfortable and without the saving grace of the bubbles, the bath itself makes no sense. The shower is OK so long as you use the sub hose rather than the main "rainfall" head which is too weak to be of use. The main bedroom has a walk in closet and is en suite. This is a lovely villa that would be perfect with a couple of minor changes. Elena is great and really helpful

    Stayed: Aug 2018