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Zoopla, in partnership with HomeAway, offers you an exclusive discount when you list your holiday home with the world's #1 choice for holiday homes. An annual subscription gives you the highest return on your investment if your holiday home is available to rent for more than three weeks per year.

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Get results

The HomeAway network is the #1 holiday rental company with over 60 million visits per month.

International exposure

The HomeAway network is the #1 holiday rental company with over 60 million visits per month.

Incredible returns

With unlimited enquiries you can earn up to £54,000 per year in rental income*.

Easy-to-use tools

Your listing includes up to 24 photos, property reviews, a calendar, and much more.

Maintain control

Take charge of your performance and visibility with subscription levels and featured listing options.

Rest easy

Our optional online booking and payment system ensures every transaction is completely secure.


What is included with my HomeAway listing?

Every advert includes a property headline, description, 24 photos, guest reviews, interactive map, rental rates table, availability calendar and more.

What does it cost?

HomeAway offers five subscription levels so you can choose the one that’s right for you and gives you the exposure you need. Prices start from £249 per year (excl. VAT) for a Classic subscription. There are no additional fees for you or your guests. Your subscription level determines where your listing will be ranked on the search results page when a user searches your area. The higher you rank, the more likely you are to be seen by travellers.

Do you charge holidaymaker fees?

Unlike many other holiday rental booking sites, holidaymakers can book properties on our website without paying any fees to us.

Is it worth me advertising now as I feel it's too late in the season?

We do see peak times throughout the year for booking enquiries, however with our international presence and HomeAway websites worldwide, we benefit from strong holidaymaker demand all year round. There really is never a bad time to advertise.

I am a property manager. Can I advertise with offers unique features for property managers, making it easier for them to list, manage and promote their inventory on our site. To find out more and request more information, please visit this page

Terms & Conditions
Offer valid for the 12 month Classic Level Subscription product only. If you choose to purchase a subscription higher than Classic you will receive £62.25 off your entire order. Offer is not valid for the renewal of your current subscription. Offer not valid for Property Managers. All our prices are exclusive of VAT. Terms & Conditions