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Transparent: 500,000+ traveller reviews
Trusted: Established since 1996
Free: Rental Guarantee against internet fraud
Flexible: Tailored insurance with Europ Assistance offers a transparent, trusted marketplace for holiday rentals and is the only UK site to also offer free protection against internet fraud.

The site features more than 500,000 traveller reviews, so you can hear from previous guests for extra peace of mind when making your decision. was founded in 1996 making it one of the the longest established holiday rentals websites. Since then, thousands of home owners and millions of travellers have used the site to to advertise their property and find the perfect home for their holiday. Basic Rental Guarantee


Our free Basic Rental Guarantee offers highest levels of online financial protection available in the industry. At we have stringent checks and procedures in place to protect against internet fraud on our sites. However, in the highly unlikely case you should fall victim to a scam on our site and are not covered by other means, will reimburse for deposits or rental fees paid up to a maximum of £700.

You will be automatically covered by the Basic Rental Guarantee when you make an enquiry about a property on our site.

Terms & Conditions of our Basic Rental Guarantee


Comprehensive Trip Insurance with Europ Assistance


If you're looking for more comprehensive holiday insurance, check out our trip insurance offer in partnership with Europ Assistance. Basic Rental Guarantee   Europ Assistance Holiday Insurance
Yes Free   Yes From £21
Yes Fraud protection   Yes Cancellation & Curtailment
Yes The best financial protection in the industry   Yes Medical emergency
Yes Established since 1996   Yes Personal liability
Yes 500,000+ traveller reviews   Yes Legal expenses


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