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Online booking

Today’s travellers want to book their stay at your property quickly and securely online, just as they do with a hotel, rental car, or flight. Online booking allows a traveller to submit a booking request by clicking a button on your listing with a commitment to pay. It’s free, safe, and convenient; plus properties that accept online bookings enjoy far greater success with holidaymakers.

Book online

Why online booking?

Using online booking is one of the most important things you can do to help improve a traveller’s booking experience. But it also comes with a lot of benefits for you:

Maintain control

You always have 24 hours to communicate with guests and decide whether to accept or decline their enquiry.

Attract more travellers

92% of travellers want the ability to book online and you’ll appear in search results when they look for properties with this option. A prominent Book now badge will also be added to your listing.

Save time and effort

Online booking comes with payment management tools so you can track payments and schedule automatic payment reminders.


Get bookings faster

Without online booking, it takes an average of seven days to complete a booking — but it takes less than two days with it!

Secure more bookings

Listings with online booking get twice as many bookings as those without.

Get paid how you want

Today, HomeAway Payments is the only way to use online booking, but SOON you will be able to use online booking with any of your accepted payment methods.



If you want online booking today, all you have to do is set up HomeAway Payments on your account and then enable it from the "Settings" page of your dashboard. You can pre-register to use online booking with alternative payment methods in your dashboard today (from the "Settings" page) and be the first to get it when it's available! 


How online booking works

  1. Traveller requests a booking
    Once a traveller finds your listing (with its Book now button to help it stand out), they can submit a booking request with their credit card information through HomeAway Payments.
    Coming Soon: Travellers will be able to select your alternative payment method, with detailed instructions provided to them once you have accepted their booking request.
  2. Communicate with the traveller
    Once you receive the booking request, you have 24 hours to contact the traveller if you want. You can email or call them to find out more about who they are and what their travel plans are.
  3. Accept, deny, or edit the booking
    Before the 24 hours is up, you decide whether the traveller will be a fit for your property. Accepting or declining is as simple as the click of a button. You can also edit the booking request and have the traveller confirm the changes by submitting a new payment.
  4. Get paid
    When you accept the booking, the payment will be processed. You’ll be paid according to your payment schedule and the booking will be automatically added to your calendar. Any additional payments are automatically scheduled and invoiced. Of course, you can still send online invoices via HomeAway Payments anytime.
    Coming Soon: If the booking was made using an alternative payment method, your guest will receive the payment instructions on file after you accept the booking. They’ll receive a notification and be directed to the checkout page to view your instructions. You will coordinate with the traveller directly to process the payment. You can manually mark that you have received the payment in your Reservation Manager.

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