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Best Match Performance

Subscription levels were previously the primary factor in determining where property listings were displayed within the search results page for subscription customers. We now optimise search results based on our best match system, which applies an algorithm to all listings based on a traveller’s search criteria (e.g., travel dates, location) and ultimately displays those listings that are most likely to result in a successful booking.

The #1 way to be successful in best match is to enable online booking for all listings and to increase the number of onsite bookings you make. If we don’t have visibility into your booking activity, we can’t factor that advantage into your listing performance with best match. [IPM version only] For integrated property managers, this means ensuring any bookings that happen outside of the HomeAway checkout process are reported through the booking update service.

Online booking allows a traveller to submit a booking request in one click right from your listing page. Plus the request comes with a commitment to pay, so you know the traveller is serious about booking. It’s a free feature that streamlines the booking process for you and your traveller—and you remain in control of deciding to either accept or decline a booking request.