The Economic Impact of Holiday Rentals UK

Researched and created by: Kath Scanlon, Emma Sagor and Christine Whitehead, LSE London
First published: 2 December 2014

Tourists in the UK increasingly choose to stay in holiday rentals rather than more traditional accommodation such as hotels or bed and breakfasts. Little is known, however, about the exact impact of holiday rentals on local economies or their contribution to national tourism. This report is an attempt to fill that gap.

This Holiday Rental Economic Impact study provides the results of LSE London’s research into how holiday rentals benefit national and local economies, both directly and indirectly, and provides an initial quantification of their contribution. The research was commissioned by HomeAway, the world’s leading online holiday rental marketplace in terms of property coverage. Much of the research was UK-based but it also focused on the impact of holiday rentals in three specific tourism areas: London, Cornwall and North Yorkshire.

Document – Full report - The Economic Impact of Holiday Rentals UK 2014

Document – Overview report – Key findings from The Economic Impact of Holiday Rentals UK 2014

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