Products for property managers offers unique features for property managers, making it easier for them to list, manage and promote their inventory on our site.

If you are already an advertiser with us, your account manager can advise you on how to get the best use out of these products.
Brand Manager

Brand Manager is a new tool in your Property Manager dashboard which enables you to store information about your company. If you qualify for your own microsite (a section of dedicated to your inventory) Brand Manager will populate your microsite. This means you can edit your information as often as you like.

Want to learn more?
  • For a complete guide to Brand Manager, please read our Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you are interested in having your own microsite and additional promotion on our site, please read our guide to the Brand Boost Program
The HomeAway XML feed
The HomeAway XML Feed allows you to create a feed of your listing content in the HomeAway format on your business website.

The content on the feed, including rates and calendars, updates automatically when you update your listings.

Our rates and availability calendars are automatically updated on the HomeAway sites every time we update our company site. Without these management tools it would be impossible to list a portfolio of our size on another site.

Oliver Bell, Simply Chateau

Advertiser since 2008
Software Integration

You can seamlessly integrate your software with your inventory on, using any of our current software partners. By integrating your listings will automatically appear in our system and be updated on our site, every time you update them with our software partner.

Advantages of Software Integration for you:
  • Easy on boarding: Your property records can become listings at the touch of a button
  • Save time: Once live, your rates, calendar and property information will update automatically on, every time you update them with your software provider
  • There is no extra charge for this service

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