Family holidays leave mums feeling the heat!

Planning a family getaway is one of the most stressful events for mums

26 March 2008:
Far from being an enjoyable prelude to a relaxing break, planning the family holiday is likely to leave mums feeling stressed and tempted not to go away at all, according to new research from Holiday-Rentals. The survey of over 1,000 UK mums has revealed that 84% are left to plan the family holiday by themselves, with 60% finding it a stressful experience. The problem has reached such an extent that many have considered not going away at all due to the stress of trying to plan the perfect getaway.

The research has found that, behind moving house and preparing for Christmas, planning a family holiday is the most stressful event in most mums' lives. To help ease the pressure, Holiday-Rentals has developed the "Mum's Holiday Guide", offering advice on everything from choosing the right location, to packing and how to get the rest of the family involved in organising the holiday. The Mums Holiday Guide is free to download from www.Holiday-Rentals/MumsHolidayGuide and has been created with advice and top tips from real mums, allowing everyone to benefit from the nation's collective experience!

The survey found that the journey to and from the holiday destination is the most stressful part of a family holiday, with almost a third (29%) of mums stating that long flights, cramped car journeys and claustrophobic ferry trips cause anxiety. Making sure that everyone has packed the right things and organising passports and paperwork also top the list of holiday hassles.

Although it is overwhelmingly mums (84%) that organise the family holiday, many do get a helping hand from the rest of the family once they arrive. When on a self-catering holiday nearly half (47%) of mums share tasks with the rest of the family, compared to a mere fifth (22%) when at home. Typically Dad lends a hand by barbequing, helping to prepare meals and washing up, while everyone helps to keep the place tidy.

Accommodation also proved to be a major bone of contention, with many mums complaining about inadequate facilities or arriving to find they hadn't quite got what they booked!

One disgruntled mum commented; 'My worst holiday ever was when we arrived and discovered, having booked two interconnecting rooms, we hadn't got them. My two and half year old daughter was put in a room on her own with double doors to fire escape which didn't lock and the heating didn't go above 17 degrees!' Another said, "Don't assume anything! We thought going to a well-known family holiday camp would be fun. How wrong we were; the caravan stunk to high heaven, the camp was tacky and the entertainment was awful! We won't be doing that again!"

With its easy to use website listing over 180,000 properties worldwide, Holiday-Rentals makes finding the perfect accommodation easy, and has created the Mum’s Holiday Guide to help make the planning process smoother for busy mums too. With advice on destinations and tips to take the pain out of planning, the guide contains everything mums need to make sure they enjoy their holiday too!

Greg Grant, UK MD for Holiday-Rentals says: ‘Based on the results of our research, it’s not surprising that mums can find holidays stressful! We can’t force other members of the family to help mum more on holiday, but we have done everything we can to help take the pain out of planning with our Mum’s Holiday Guide.”

“Renting a holiday home provides families more space, privacy, comprehensive facilities, and the flexibility to take time out for themselves. Unlike hotel rooms, holiday homes give kids space to breathe and parents freedom to relax in another room, but everyone is still under the same roof.”

With a wide range of accommodation available, users of Holiday-Rentals can choose the type and size of property they want for any destination they’d like to visit. The website is easy to navigate and all properties have at least four colour photos and a detailed description of what guests can expect.