“Where can I keep my donkey?” & other unusual holidaymaker requests

Leading holiday rentals website HomeAway.co.uk reveals some of the stranger requests property owners received this holiday season

Packing for holiday12/09/2011 – While you’ll often hear about travellers’ strange experiences on holiday, they themselves can actually be the source of some very odd behaviour and requests. Undoubtedly, holidays involve a great deal of planning, and naturally people want to make sure they have everything they need and know what’s in store. However, spare a thought for the property owners and managers on holiday rentals website, HomeAway.co.uk, who have had to deal with some truly bizarre questions and demands this year!

Based on a recent survey of its clients in July-August 2011, HomeAway.co.uk has put together a list of the strangest questions asked by potential guests. Some are simply a bit weird, such as “Is there a way to stop the church bells from ringing at 7am?”, while others are just truly random, “Can you send a picture of the toaster?” And others, well, they simply defy any classification at all, for example “Can you guarantee the pool heat at a constant 88 degrees and if not can we get a discount for every degree under?”

Here is the full list of the most amusing, strange requests received this year:

Top 5 most unusual questions:

1.  Can you guarantee the pool heat at a constant 88 degrees and if not can we get a discount for every degree under?
2.  Can we have a machete/cutlass to keep under our bed?
3.  Can you move the house 180 degrees?
4.  Where is the nearest shop for kosher foods and what are the exact measurements of frozen food space in the villa to store the supplies?
5.  What is the distance between the toilet seat and the nearest wall?

Top 5 funniest questions:

1.  Is there any way to stop the church bells from ringing at 7am?
2.  Could you please send a picture of the toaster?
3.  Do you cater for UK swinger holidays?
4.  Is it all right to jump naked into the pool?
5.  What are the floors in each room made of and can we see some pictures of them?

Top 3 funniest animal-related questions:

1.  Where can we keep our donkey at night?
2.  How many mosquitoes do you have? (The owner replied “3, one called Fred, one called George and one called Mildred”. The amused holidaymaker subsequently booked!)
3.  Am I likely to get eaten by an alligator? (for a property in Florida)

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