Venice beats Paris as the most romantic city in the world for a marriage proposal

HomeAway data unveils the world’s most romantic destinations for starry-eyed marriage proposals

Key findings:

  • The Caribbean considered the world’s most romantic destination for a marriage proposal
  • 27% strongly agree that the most romantic proposals should be made overseas
  • Venice beats Paris as the most romantic city in the world for a marriage proposal
  • Over two-thirds of people would prefer to be proposed to in private

LONDON, UK, 14 February 2018 – New data released today by HomeAway®, the world leader in holiday rentals, uncovers the world’s most romantic holiday destinations for a marriage proposal. The Caribbean (15%) comes out on top for British romantics, followed by Italy (13%) and the USA (7%) respectively.

Venice (15%) pipped Paris (11%) to the post when it comes to the most romantic city for a proposal, revealing that perhaps Paris isn’t the city of love that we all instinctively turn to anymore.

The survey of 2,000 British people found Brits have a tenancy to abandon Blighty and head for warmer climes in their quest for romance, as 55% agree that the most romantic proposal would need to be on holiday abroad. After all, grey skies, wind and rain don’t make for the most romantic ambience for one of the most unforgettable experiences of one’s life.

Interestingly, the vast majority (85%) of the respondents to the survey who are married were proposed to in the UK, and 55% of those who are married consider their proposal experience to have been a romantic one. But, that doesn’t stop them daydreaming about what might have been the ideal proposal destination. Atmosphere (60%), scenery (57%) and architecture (28%) are among the most significant elements that make the destination romantic according to the findings, which may be why Venice emerged victorious in the romance stakes. 

The vast majority (85%) of those who are married or have been in the past were proposed to in private, and those yet to be proposed to are clear they would prefer a private experience, with 68% agreeing they do not long for a public display of affection.

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Survey conducted with 2,000 British consumers who are married or would consider marriage in February 2018. For more information, please contact

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