Brits still flocking abroad for summer holidays despite fears of price increases

LONDON, UK, 6 June 2018 – Despite many Brits feeling the pinch a bit more or tightening the purse strings as Brexit looms ever closer, data from holiday rental experts, HomeAway®, reveals that holidays aren’t an area where we’re looking to cut back.

In fact, in 2017, 28% of British holidaymakers went on an average of three holidays, and 17% went on two. In 2018, this pattern looks set to continue, as a quarter of Brits have said they plan to go on three holidays again this year.

This is despite a whopping 75% of people saying they expect travelling to get more expensive in 2018.  The top three reasons British HomeAway travellers think overseas travel will be more expensive this year were; that the general cost of living has gone up (57%), that oil prices have risen contributing to travelling costs (48%) but almost two-thirds of people have said the currency devaluation at home will make it more expensive to travel to other countries with a different currency – yet another knock on effect of Brexit.

Despite taking multiple holidays, almost 20% of people who are employed full-time have five or more days of annual leave left over to take each year. With that leftover annual leave, almost a third (31%) will use it to take a short trip or weekend break, and 27% will put it towards a longer holiday.

When asked where they’re looking to go for their main holiday, Europe is still the continent British holidaymakers prefer. Spain tops the table as the most popular destination, with 27% of travellers heading there this year. France comes second with 13% of people planning a trip across the channel, and Portugal comes in third place, with 11%. 

For those who are planning short breaks and weekend trips, Morocco emerged as the most popular destination on the continent of Africa, with 66% of Brits saying they’ll head there in 2018. In Europe the most popular destinations were the UK (42%), France (14%) and Spain (19%), showing that the appetite for a staycation continues among UK holidaymakers.

Despite Brits holidaying in countries closer to home, when asked where their top three worldwide destinations would be (if money were no object), British HomeAway travellers responded with Australia and the USA at the top of the wish list for 20% and 16% respectively, and New Zealand close behind at 15%.

Continuing on the theme of dream holiday experiences, when asked which places in the world were on people’s travel bucket lists, the Grand Canyon topped the list with over a fifth (23%) of people choosing it as their number one destination, followed by the Great Wall of China at 20%. The Colosseum in Rome also ranked highly, with 19% of people saying it was on their bucket list.

Looking at reasons why Brits value their holidays so much, it turns out they’re quite a sentimental bunch and appreciate bonding time with the family and friends. The top reason British holidaymakers go on a group holiday is to spend quality time with the people they love (54%), and a further 37% said that holidaying with friends and family creates lifelong holiday memories. Just over a third (34%) also said that sharing with the right people and not a bunch of strangers (as in a hotel) was one of the things that appealed most to them.

Those surveyed also revealed their top tips on having a successful group holiday, British travellers gave the following pointers:

  • Be flexible and willing to compromise to make things easier for everybody (73%)
  • Be open to compromise (59%)
  • Agree on personal time as well as group time (34%)

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Notes to editors

Methodology: this survey was conducted between December 2017 and February 2018 with more than 3,500 European HomeAway customers. 

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