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London, UK, 20 June 2017 – New data released today by HomeAway®, global experts in holiday rentals, uncovers the type of accommodation, HomeAway holiday rentals versus hotels, which will provide the best value for money in some of the world’s most popular destinations for British travellers. 

How to get most value when on holiday depends on many different factors, one of them for sure is finding the accommodation to match the trip perfectly. Particularly, when travelling with the whole family or a group of friends, staying in a hotel can shorten the budget for sightseeing, cultural activities or indulging in local delicacies significantly. 

As experts in holiday homes, HomeAway compares the average rates paid by its UK customers in 2017 to those paid for hotel accommodation in popular weekend-trip destinations and advises on where holidaymakers can find best value for money. 

Generally, in the majority of the short-trip destinations, holidaymakers paid less to stay in a holiday rental than in a hotel. The most significant price difference within the analysed cities was in Marbella. While travellers paid an average rate of £150 per night for sleeping in a hotel bed, those who booked a holiday rental paid over 55% less for their HomeAway while staying in the city. With an average price of £94 for two people per night in a holiday rental, a couple travelling for an extended weekend to Marbella could actually stay for three nights in a holiday rental for the price of two nights in a hotel.

Holiday rentals also provided great value for money in New York, a stay in a hotel was £49 per night more than the average holiday rental, which was over a whopping 30% more for hotel accommodation in the city that never sleeps. British holidaymakers visiting New York could expect to pay an average of £150 per person per night, for their holiday home. 

The only location, of those analysed, where hotels have provided a better nightly rate in a city break accommodation was Amsterdam. In 2017, travellers paid an average of £11 less for their hotel room than when staying in a whole house or flat in 2017 with £131 versus £142 respectively. 

HomeAway can reveal the following price comparisons between holiday rentals and hotels in 2017:

City Country Price paid per night in 2017 for a holiday rental* Hotel price in 2017** Difference in GBP
New York United States 150 199 49
Amsterdam Netherlands 142 131 -11
Venice Italy 116 138 22
Paris France 112 116 4
Barcelona Spain 98 128 30
Marbella Spain 94 150 56
Florence Italy 94 117 23
Vienna Austria 90 103 13
Rome Italy 90 99 9
Milan Italy 90 120 30
Madrid Spain 84 108 24
Berlin Germany 84 90 6
Lisbon Portugal 74 105 31
Athens Greece 72 96 24
Budapest Hungary 62 83 21
Valencia Spain 58 83 25

*Average price paid for 2 travellers per night on in 2017
**As per’s Hotel Price Index 2017

Elena Novokreshchenova, Regional Director UK & Ireland and Emerging Markets at HomeAway comments: “British holidaymakers are far smarter about where and how they spend their holiday time with their loved ones than they were two years ago. The positive impact of affordable holiday rentals has enabled Brits to scrap expensive hotel stays and travel with friends and family to keep costs down. Our data shows that in many popular city-break destinations, a holiday rental provides better value for money with more square footage that is completely private. British holidaymakers are guaranteed to find their perfect match in a holiday rental accommodation.”

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HomeAway analysed data from 2017, which shows how much UK travellers paid for their holiday rental in 2017 per person and night on This was compared to the Hotel Price Index 2017. 

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HomeAway prices shown are representative of what HomeAway UK travellers paid for their holiday rental in 2017.

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