Grantourismo November Competition - Winning Entries

Theme: Living Like Locals


First Prize

By Anne

Live Like a Local. Go to a {Greek} wedding

Greek Wedding Going to a wedding is always a cultural reflection; it’s even more so when you travel half-way around the world to attend one. Weddings in Cyprus are quite a production as an all day - and night - affair, leaving ample time to get to know the cast of characters involved. And as the only American representative at this particular wedding, they got to know me too (particularly by the time for the dance floor).

In attending the wedding as a good friend of the bride, it meant that she was too busy with wedding stuff to feel the need to tour me around in typical tourist fashion. The perks? How often do you get to spend time sipping frappes in a local hair salon, or snack on specialty Greek wedding treats? And a hamam experience is always fabulous, but its way better when you experience it with 10 new friends...

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Second Prize

By Nikki Hodgson

Breakfast in Nablus

Breakfast in Nablus Vendors were beginning to display their wares as I slipped into the morning markets of Nablus. Bypassing baskets of spices and stacks of tomatoes and ducking often to avoid scarves hanging from awnings, I soon stumbled across a vendor surrounded by a crowd.

Wedging my way in-between shopkeepers, farmers, and students, I joined the clamor and dropped shekels into his palm in exchange for a plastic cup of thick, Arabic coffee.

As I reached for my coffee, I noticed the circular pans of my favorite Palestinian dessert in a shop next door...

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Third Prize

By Pam

Local Transit

Local Transit On my third day in Dublin, I rented a bicycle. The bike was too big, the gears wobbly, but it was Ireland and I wanted to ride a bike. By the end of the week, I knew the back roads.  I rode the narrow shoulder past green yards, mossy little cottages set back from the road, bits of Irish countryside in suburbia.  I took the bus on rainy days. Mornings, I rode with students in school uniforms talking about homework, mugging in the aisles. I sat upstairs, peeking into the walled gardens at forgotten laundry.

In Austin, I walked past elegant stucco homes to the bus stop. Spanish oaks sprawled over the sidewalks, birdsong filled the morning air. In Tampa, I bussed 45 minutes to the abandoned looking downtown, inventing lives for the people getting on and off at strip malls. On the bus in Vegas, I talked with a beautiful showgirl, smiling and helpful, on her day off...

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