Grantourismo July Competition - Winning Entries

Theme: Local Festival



By Jiffer Bourguignon

Tabaski 1418

August Competition First Prize Eid al-Adha, or Tabaski as it is known in parts of West Africa, is the "Festival of Sacrifice" in which Muslims remember Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son at God's request. In the Islamic calendar year 1418, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in a small Soninké village in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. Soninkés typically celebrate Tabaski with great flare, notably an elaborate feast and continuous dancing. Having looked forward to what everyone assured me would be the meal of the year, I gathered with the rest of the village to watch a few men slaughter a meager looking cow who was carved up and divided into equally distributed piles. Come mealtime, I was disheartened to find all the "good" pieces of the animal shoved my way, i.e. the testicles, intestines and other choice organs. While the others dug in, I shifted rubbery nubs of cow around to make it look like I had enjoyed the meal...
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By Laura

Antigua’s Spectacular Holy Week Celebrations

August Competition Second Prize On the morning of Good Friday we awoke at 3am. The cool night air gave way to early morning sunlight as we wandered the narrow cobblestone streets. Local señoras prepared tortillas al mano on makeshift stoves while street vendors balanced baskets of pan dulce and men in purple robes hurried toward the church. At first we stayed ahead of the processions taking time to admire the colorful sawdust alfombras, or carpets, that lined the streets. Then we took our spot on the sidewalk alongside all the other spectators.

The sound of trumpets accompanied by thick clouds of incense signaled the arrival of the processions. Hundreds of men in purple robes and women in shawls and white dresses marched through the streets carrying heavy platforms adorned with images of Christ and the Virgin Mary...

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By Lola Akinmade

Twirling In The Rain

August Competition Third Prize “Where is everyone?” Inez asks the bespectacled old man standing at the makeshift entrance…a wooden table with a plastic container for tickets and another for money.

He laughs dryly. I understand why.

Besides the dark rain clouds that have been hanging over Luleå all morning, it seems something else has driven everyone indoors and glued to their television sets.

An event most Swedes have been waiting 30 years for…a certain royal wedding.

Every mid June, residents of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Gammelstad and surrounding towns gather to enjoy its annual Spelmansstämman – a Fiddlers’ meet up. Amidst 19th century wooden cottages where local actors dressed in native Laplander period pieces stoke fires and make thin bread from scratch, fiddlers tap boot-clad feet and play old Swedish and Finnish songs...

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