Grantourismo January Competition - Winning Entries

Theme: Slowing Down And Settling In For A While


First Prize

By Robyn Eckhardt

Our Istanbul Fruit Guy

Our Istanbul Fruit Guy As we walked uphill to our rental apartment on our first evening in Istanbul last May, the display at a tiny fruit store beckoned. We stopped and bought peaches, melons, cherries. The white-haired proprietor was so friendly, the fruit he chose for us so delicious, that we shopped nowhere else.

Last month we returned to Istanbul for two weeks, staying in the same area. "Merhaba!" our fruit guy -- as we called him --  cried, as if we were long-lost friends. We vigorously shook hands, chatting as much as my Turkish would allow...

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Second Prize

By Pam Mandel

A Lazy Winter in Maremma

A Lazy Winter in Maremma We did not mean to sit so still, but we had plenty of time. Why would we rush around to see everything when we could stay as long as we wanted?

The stone house was cold in the morning. We stayed under piles of blankets until we could hear the fire. Then, we went to help with breakfast, unwrapping cheese, slicing bread, boiling water for more coffee. We sat on a long bench with our backs against the wall, cozy with the others who were equally as indolent. When the sun was high enough to warm the patio, we moved outside to read or scribble postcards. I would pretend to sketch but really, would gaze lethargically across to the next hill town...

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Third Prize

By Jessie Voigts

Early Mornings in County Kerry, Ireland

Early Mornings in County Kerry, Ireland I'm not an early riser. I see beautiful photographs of sunrises and think, I’ll never do that. And yet.

We’re now proponents of slow travel. It’s miraculous, how it can change the whole tenor of a vacation, living slowly. This fall, we stayed for 2 weeks at Pier Cottage, County Kerry, Ireland. It was bliss. We chose slow travel to accommodate my disabilities, and the rhythms of family travel. We had no idea that it would be such an extraordinary experience, and influence all of our future vacations...

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