Grantourismo in Bali

Learning the arts of local life in Tumbak Bayuh

Bali scenery After Tokyo, Lara and Terry set off for Bali, a tropical Indonesian island located in South East Asia. Here they spent two weeks in an architect-designed, traditional-style villa situated on the edge of a small rural village called Tumbak Bayuh. With the help of the villa's friendly staff, Lara and Terry discovered more about this unique and spiritual island, through learning how to cook its traditional dishes, witnessing its religious ceremonies and having lessons in the local arts and crafts.

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Bali provided Lara and Terry plenty of opportunities for 'experiential travel', one of the Grantourismo project's key themes, as they sought to discover the island's culture, cuisine, religion, local customs and crafts. Their base for this leg of the journey, a traditional Balinese villa, was perfect as it gave them to chance to meet and learn from the villa's local staff: Kiki (the manager), Desak (the cook) and Kuman (the housekeeper).

While interviewing Kiki, a tourism and hospitality graduate from the northwest of Bali, the couple gained great insights to this unique destination. They both decided to learn a local skill, so Terry enrolled in a gamelan class, while Lara signed up for a workshop on the sacred art of making offerings. And as food is such an important part of the Grantourismo project, Terry joined Desak, the villa's chef and a local Balinese cook, to make a Balinese sauce as well as two other traditional dishes; Balinese-style saté and 'ayam betutu'.

They say that in Bali there is always a ceremony going on somewhere, so Kiki was adamant that Lara and Terry should experience one. On their last day, she advised them there was a Balinese Royal Cremation Ceremony going on, and luckily Terry just had enough time to drop by and take some photos before they had to jet off to their next stop, New York.

Property 58274

Property 58274 - Lara and Terry's 'HomeAway from home' in Bali was a traditional-style villa on the edge of the small rural village of Tumbak Bayuh, around a 30-minute drive to Kuta. This architect-designed property of an English professor and writer combines traditional Asian and modern Western elements. The spacious accommodation comprises three stylish bedroom suites and an additional bed in the attic room and contains a wealth of Buddhist and Balinese artefacts and antiques. The veranda overlooks the secluded pool and spectacular tropical garden that extends to the river. Pavillions dotted with cushions, water features, stone carvings and shrines add to the tranquil atmosphere.

The villa is available to rent on (Property 58274) and the prices start at £495 per property per week.

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Next stop...the United States, stay tuned!

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