Find out what Guests want from your Holiday Home

Most owners agree, your holiday home is a haven for you and your guests. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its the place you go to recharge your batteries.

Many holiday home owners worry about maintenance and housekeeping when they choose to rent. Our busy lifestyles mean we often struggle to keep our primary homes in order, so the idea of looking after a second property, which may be hundreds or thousands of miles away is enough to make the average owner start biting their nails.

But there's no need to panic. The revenue you generate from your holiday home rental income should be enough to cover your housekeeping and maintenance expenses. This means unlike home, you can pay someone else to do all the hard work  out of your business expenses, rather than your personal income. Remember owning a holiday home is about living the dream lifestyle. Your guests will expect the highest standards, which includes a cleaning serivice which means you can enjoy this luxury yourself.

Here's our guide to what paying guests expect from their stay at your holiday home. From furnishings, to household equipment and facilities. Use the Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist to manage the upkeep of your holiday rental from afar. Or see what special extras you can provide your guests, to make their stay exceptional. And, if every special service, facility or item you provide is now a business investment, you've got the perfect excuse to install that new jacuzzi, or buy a flat screen TV.