A Guide to International Property Tax for Holiday Home Owners

Investing in a holiday home or overseas property can be a great financial decision. However many second home owners find international property tax requirements, and foreign tax regulations confusing. If you’re not familiar with this field, language gaps, and the lack of explicit information out there means it can be hard to find reliable effective tax advice.

What taxes do I have to pay when I purchase my international property?
Who do I have to pay my taxes to?
When and how do I file my tax return?
Are there any special benefits or tax exemptions for British holiday home owners who rent their properties as a holiday letting within the EEC?
Is there a double tax agreement between the country where I own a property and my country of residence?

… Are just some of the questions we frequently get asked.

That is why we have teamed up with Property Tax International, to bring you reliable tax advice from the people in the know.  PTI have sixteen years experience of providing effective tax solutions to holiday home owners and explaining tax to overseas property investors. They have created these fully comprehensive guides for different countries that include all the tax information you need to know if you own a second home, or rent a holiday home as a short term letting in any of these top destinations.