Energy Performance Certificates for holiday rentals in the UK

If you own a holiday rental property in Britian which is available for rent more than 12 weeks of the year, you may need an Energy Performance Certificate, according to legislation effective from 30th June 2011 onwards. Please be aware that some country councils are making it a legal requirement, when others a taking a less strict approach, so please check with yours to see whether or not its necessary.

The reasoning behind this decision is to give consumer's information about the environmental effectiveness of their holiday accommodation, and to standarise the rating of energy performance across the industry to prevent any "spurious" green claims made by accommodation providers.

An EPC is a certificate that records how energy efficient a property is. The certificate gives a rating of a building's energy efficiency and CO2 emissions between A - G, A being very efficient. 

Please see Directgov, the official UK government website, for the official guidelines on EPCs.

To find a government accredited provider on your local area visit the online EPC Register.

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 , July 2011