HomeAway Sort - optimise the quality of your listing and move up in the search results

Two factors determine how your property advert will be ranked in the search results on HomeAway.co.uk.

  • Your Subscription Level determines the level your listing will be ranked on your area’s search results page.
  • HomeAway Sort ranks your property advert within your Subscription Level. For example, if you have purchased the Silver Level, you can impact your ranking among the Silver Level group of properties in your area.

What is HomeAway Sort?

HomeAway Sort means that higher quality property adverts get a higher placement in the search results tier for their Subscription Level. The quality of your advert is measured by how well it reflects the needs of the holidaymakers that use HomeAway.co.uk. The added bonus is that by providing holidaymakers with more information about your property you should get a higher volume of enquiries, which should also be easier to convert.

Why have we done this?

  • To encourage owners to market their holiday rentals as effectively as possible on HomeAway.co.uk
  • To give holidaymakers the best experience possible of finding properties on HomeAway.co.uk
  • To help you create a more informative advert, meaning the enquiries you receive should be more qualified

The following criteria all contribute to improving your placement in the search results:

HomeAway Sort draws on the seven factors that create a good quality, attractive listing. All seven complement each other and cannot be leveraged effectively if they are not utilised in conjunction with the other factors. For best results use each action below.

While owners and managers can impact where a property ranks in our HomeAway Sort search results, the results are dynamic and updated regularly.

Criteria contributing to HomeAway Sort