Get more enquiries by getting reviews from past guests

ReviewsReviews from past guests are one of the most important parts of your listing. Travellers actively research reviews before making an enquiry, and our data shows that properties with just 1 - 5 reviews receive on average 23% more enquiries than those with no reviews, property adverts with 6 - 10 reviews receive on average 41% more enquiries than those with no reviews. On average the number of enquiries continue to increase as the number of reviews increase.

Since travellers love reviews, we've made it easy for them to find and read reviews of properties on So, make sure you have plenty of reviews from past guests to make your property more appealing to travellers and help yourself get more enquiries.

How to get reviews on your listing:

Once your listing is live, your past guests can click on the ‘write review’ link on the top of your advert and submit a review of your property.

Since reviews are such an important part of your advert and are known to increase enquiries, we recommend you don't leave it to chance! Send a personal request by email with a direct link to your reviews page by using your Review Request Form.

How a traveller find reviews of your property:

We've made it as easy as possible for travellers to find reviews:

  • Your reviews appear on both your listing and your property reviews page
  • Your number of reviews is shown in your property summary in the search results
  • Travellers can sort the search results to see properties with the most reviews

How our reviews feature works:

The HomeAway reviews features works as follows:

  • Your guest clicks on the link to write a review from your advert or Review Request email
  • When your guest submits a review, an email is sent to request their confirmation
  • Once the review is confirmed by your guest, the review is sent to our moderation team to ensure the review complies with our Content Guidelines
  • If the review is approved, an email notification is sent to you with a link to post an Owner’s response if you choose
  • From the time you receive the notification, your review will be posted on your advert within 7 days