Get Free SMS booking enquiry alerts

Our data shows that owners who respond to booking enquiries within 3 hours are 50% more likely to secure the booking. To help you respond to your enquiries as quickly as possible, we provide a free SMS booking enquiry alert service.

When a traveller sends a booking enquiry by email, we will also send you this information by SMS. The SMS alert will include the traveller's name, their requested dates and a link to respond to them. The full enquiry will also be sent to your email address and stored in your account.

How to set up SMS booking enquiry alerts

To get free SMS alerts of your booking enquiries, simply login to your account and click the ‘Edit advert’ link. Select the ‘contact’ tab and follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the button marked 'Click here to set or change your contact information'
  • Choose your country from the drop down box
  • Enter your full phone number excluding country code and don't use brackets
  • Tick the box to activate SMS alerts
  • Click the orange 'Save changes' button