Using videos to promote your holiday rental

Video icon Internet video marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your business and drive traffic back to your website. YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world after Google, with an estimated 800 million visitors per month. As a holiday homeowner, videos provide you with a powerful tool to showcase your property and make it stand out to potential guests.

And the good news is, there are easy to use tools that can help you create a professional looking video in just a few minutes. is one tool that we have found, and best of all, it’s FREE! It helps you turn your photos and video clips into show reels that you can share online. Check out the video on the right.



6 easy steps to create your own property video on Animoto

1. Go to Click on Sign Up and choose the Lite option, which will allow you to create unlimited 30-second videos for free.

2. Go to the homepage and click on Create Video. Choose a style for your video and click on the make a 30-second video for free option.

3. Choose the music for your video, select the pictures or videos you want to use and add a brief text description. To make sure people can find your property online, add the logo along with your property number as the first and last slide (please see templates on the right hand side of this page). Please note that you will be limited on the number of pictures you can use, as with the free account you can only create 30-second videos.

4. Re-arrange the photos and text slides to your liking, just hover your mouse over the pictures.

5. Once you’re happy with the pictures, text and order of the slides, click on Produce Video.

6. Once the video has been created, edit its Title and Description then share it on your social media networks.


Creating a video on Animoto Best practice guidelines for creating a video


Start your video with the logo (available to download on the right). OR if you know how to use Adobe Photoshop, you could create an image like the other one on the right showing your property, our logo, your property number and a short description.

Include some separate text slides showing either quotes from your guest reviews OR a descriptive sentence about the next image in the sequence.

End the video with a text slide showing the URL of your property on, e.g. (XXXX being your property number). Alternatively, you can replicate the final template on the right, opening in Paint and adding in your property number.


Tips and recommendations

See the video at the top of the page as a best practice example.

You don’t get much space in the text fields. If you can’t fit what you want in the header field, try leaving that blank and using the text field instead. Or, put one sentence in the header field and a second in the text field.

Use high resolution photos to ensure good quality images. High resolution photos usually show up quite large on your screen and are around 1MB or more in size.

Include the following shots if possible:

The exterior/façade of the property
Any outside living areas (garden, deck, dining areas,  etc.)
The pool if you have one
The main living area (e.g. lounge, or open-plan living/dining areas)
Separate kitchen and dining areas if you have them
The master bedroom at least
The bathroom (preferably a shot without the toilet in view)
Any other USPs such as hot-tubs, games rooms, the view, etc.

Be sure that the images you use ‘set the scene’ of a holiday and a welcoming atmosphere: e.g. set tables with plates and wine glasses, vases of flowers on coffee tables or window sills, plump pillows and smooth covers on beds, and all clutter removed from view. 

Share the video by email or via Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Or promote it by including a link to it in your enquiry confirmation email.

To post the video on your YouTube channel directly from Animoto, click on the Sharing button, choose the Export Video option and select YouTube.

Winner of Video Competition

The winner of our recent video competition is Einar Mikkelsen, owner of this rental apartment in historic La Cala de Mijas, Andalusia. Check out the winning video below:

View's social media accounts Logo

Click on the image above to download the logo. Make sure to use this as the first slide of your video.

First slide template

Should you wish to create a personalised first slide to your video, replicate the template above. Click on picture to download.

Last slide template

Should you wish to create a personalised last slide to your video, use the template above. Click on picture to download then just add your property number.

Check out this video here to get inspiration on how to create your Animoto video