Creating a Straightforward Rental Rates Table


Good news: setting your rental rates can impact where you rank within your Subscription Level. Set your rental rates for the entire year ahead, including a weekly and nightly rate (where necessary) for optimal results.

Learn more about HomeAway Sort and the other criteria that contribute to your search results ranking.

Your Rental Rates Table is a way of consolidating all the information travellers need to know about your prices for different rental periods, and different holiday lengths, in one place. It is vital that you are clear and easy to follow.

A great Rental Rates Table should include:

The dates of your rental periods
Rates for at least the next year
Nightly rates
Weekly rates
Clear minimum stays
Your changeover day

You may also wish to include:

Weekend rate
Weekend nightly rate
Extra night rate
Monthly rate

Many holiday home advertisers make the mistake of creating over complicated Rental Rates Tables. This may be because you have exceptions to rental rates rules. Don’t try to explain these on your table, or you are at risk of confusing your renters. You also get a text box where you can explain your Notes on Rental Rates. This is where you should include any additional information a traveller needs to know.

Use your Notes on Rental Rates to tell travellers:

Festival, or special events rates
Reservation / security deposit info
Fees and taxes
Payment methods accepted
Any discounts you offer to senior citizens, returning customers or specific groups
When your changeover day is

Please refer to How to Set the Rental Rates for your Holiday Home for more information on how work out what to charge, how to set your rates to put yourself at a competitive advantage, and information on the best way to communicate your pricing on your advert.

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The Holiday Home Advertising Checklist


Many second home owners are getting more internet savvy, and are using great holiday home advertising websites like and to reach a mass audience of travellers looking for the holiday rental experience.

This checklist is designed to help you advertise. Holiday home owners often sell their wonderful properties short simply by not making the most of the service we provide. Whether it’s writing descriptions that don’t display a competitive advantage or uploading photos that miss out the property’s best features. Luckily after sixteen years in the business we know a thing or two about holiday rental advertising. We’ve put our heads together to create a comprehensive list of everything you must include if you advertise a holiday rental property.

The and Owners Direct Advert Checklist can be used to create a new advert or update an existing one. Use it to ensure you show your prized property in its best light.

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