Before you start, keep these basic rules in mind

Villa in Spain1. Remember at all times, the only thing the traveller knows about your home is what you tell them on the website. When a traveller looks at your advert, they want to know what their holiday experience will be like if they stay in your home. Give them as much information as possible. Many travellers will read everything you write.

2. Always be truthful. In the days of social media, an owner who uses false advertising will get bad reviews online from guests.

3. Your holiday rental is a lettings business. Make sure you never undermine your professionalism with poor language, spelling and grammar. It’s a good idea to have someone else proof read your advert.

4. If you have bought an international upgrade for our site from one of our sister HomeAway sites, remember you are advertising for the British market. Certain terms and phrases vary from country to country, so checking to make sure you are using localised English will help you communicate with your target audience. If you don’t speak English fluently, it’s easy to make a little mistake. It’s a good idea to have someone else (perhaps a native speaker if you know someone) look at your writing or pay for a translation service, before you post it online.

5. Update your advert regularly, mentioning every change that happens to your home.

6. Different travellers focus on different parts of the advert. Some will be drawn to great photos; others will be won over by your Advert Headline, Property Description or Location Description. Make sure everything on your advert sells your home to its best advantage.

7. Make sure all the areas of your advert are complete, including the Location Descriptions, Facilities Details and Photo Captions.

8. Never undersell yourself.

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