Write an Attention Grabbing Advert Headline

When you advertise with HomeAway.co.uk you get two headlines, an Advert Headline and a Property Accommodation Summary or subheading. Creating an attention grabbing headline isn’t an easy task; there is a lot to consider. But if you know what to point out, you can really make your holiday home advert stand out from the rest.

When a traveller arrives on a HomeAway.co.uk search results page for their desired destination they will see stream of thumbnails for property adverts, which match their search criteria. The Advert Headline appears at the top of the thumbnail. This, the thumbnail photograph and some brief additional property information will be the first thing a traveller will see, so it is essential to make your property stand out.

The Advert Headline

A good Advert Headline will use all the space available to tell the traveller what makes their property unique or special. This means providing good quality concrete information that will appeal to your target market.

Describes the type of home

Travellers will sometimes only use the search filters to look for a destination. Telling them whether it’s a villa, chalet, apartment, bungalow or cottage is useful. This is also a good chance to use a descriptive word to tell the customers more about your property. “Newly redecorated former farmhouse” or “laid back beachside villa” tells the travellers a lot about what makes the property unique.

Essential location information

By this we mean information that is useful to the travellers. A traveller will have come to the listings page via our search filters or an external search engine, so they will already know the geographical area it is located in. Instead distinguish your property from the rest by pointing out its five minutes from the beach, overlooks a famous landmark, or in a particular district of your town or city.

Top tip: If your property is near a famous local attraction, always mention it by name. “Within the Yorkshire Moors National Park” sounds more compelling than “within national park”. Specific data will also help your advert to get picked up by search engines.

Describes a special feature

Tell the travellers what makes your home special. Maybe it’s a desirable facility, like a private pool, Jacuzzi or hot tub. Or maybe you've got a large garden, balcony, or a brilliant view. The trick is to show off your main selling points.

Accommodation Summary

After a traveller has clicked on the thumbnail they will be taken to your advert. The Property Accommodation Summary will appear as a title above your Property Description. The trick is to give the traveller information to make them want to read more. Be sure to use all the space available.

Be sure not to repeat any information you have included in your Advert Headline. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to any information about your home, that you didn’t have room to include in the subject headline. Go into further detail about what your property has to offer, or specify the distance to a nearby attraction.

You can also use the Property Accommodation Summary to suggest what sort of travellers your property is suitable for e.g. families, adventure seekers, art lovers or sun worshipers. If you worry this may alienate some travellers highlight features, attractions or local amenities that will appeal to certain groups, for example: “large child friendly garden”, “water sports near by”, “a five minute walk to Tate Modern” or “roof top terrace is perfect for sun bathing”.

Please note: The number of bedrooms and bathrooms your holiday home has will be listed on your property thumbnail, and at the top of your advert. Instead of repeating this information in your Property Accommodation Summary, it might be a good idea to describe how many people you sleep, as well as other enticing information.

Here are some Common Mistakes to watch out for

Too many owners waste space by using boring, over used or cliqued descriptions. Remember you want to create compelling content that tells renters why they should choose your home.

The name of the home

Having the name of your home on your advert doesn’t tell the traveller anything about the holiday experience they will have in your home. Tell them about your beach side location or private pool instead.

Repeating obvious location information

A traveller will have come to the advertising page via our search filters or an external search engine, so they will already know the geographical area they are viewing. If they search for an apartment in Paris and land on a search results page  with a hundred adverts saying “Paris Apartment”, they won’t be getting any useful information.

Fluff words

These are boring, unoriginal words that say very little about your home. Saying your holiday rental is “nice” won’t tell potential guests anything they want to know.


You have enough room to list the full word. Abbreviations look rushed, rather than appealing.

Overused words

If you scroll down the pages of HomeAway Holiday-Rentals you’ll find hundreds properties described as “stunning” and “luxury”. Using these words isn’t going to make your property stand out because they are really over used. Instead of stunning, why not say “with high end interior design”, or “contemporary loft apartment”. Instead of luxury, words like “upmarket”, “five star” or “sophisticated” draw attention to a stand out feature.

Please note: Many of the properties on our site which describe themselves as luxury are anything but. Misleading your clients is not a good idea. You will give travellers unrealistic expectations about your holiday rental, so they will feel disappointed or cheated. This means you are running the risk of receiving negative reviews about your property online. You might also be putting off ideal guests. For example it’s unlikely that a middle income family with small children, looking for a seaside holiday, are going to be looking for “luxury” holiday accommodation. If you have a family friendly holiday apartment in a popular coastal resort, describing it as luxury is likely to put off your target market.

Here are some examples Advert Headlines taken from HomeAway.co.uk:

Sample Headline for Property in Dordogne

"Large Dordogne Farmhouse, quiet hilltop location, stunning views and infinity pool"

This is a brilliant headline. The owner has cleverly described the type of property and pointed out it is suitable for big groups by describing it as a "large farmhouse." They tell the reader what the location is, and what it has to offer.They also point out a key Unique Selling Point (USP).
Sample Property Headline

"Fantastic spacious seafront apartment with private balcony on the Adriatic"

This Advert Headline is very eye catching. It describes the good qualities of the apartment's interior and saying "with private balcony on the Adriatic" they draw attention to a unique feature, location and the sea view. The photo is good, and backs up the message nicely. Perhaps the glare  from the sun is a bit much, but overall a great bit of writing.
Sample Property Headline

"An old converted granary, beside Chart Hills golf club in the Weald of Kent"

If you have a unique property do what this owner has done and list it by type. This will draw attention to your advert thumbnail. They also provide great location information, describing the proximity to a popular attraction. By using the golf club's name they have given their advert SEO value.

Unfortunately the owner doesn't mention any key features about the property. They draw more attention by to their advert by telling readers about their lovely interior, which combines period features, antiques and modern decor, or their outdoor living area. Still a great headline. 


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