Beat the competition: Improve your advert to get more Bookings and Enquiries now!

If you rent holiday homes, advertising is the one thing you must invest in. Unless you're prepared to go door to door, you have to advertise to ensure you reach your target market.

Fortunately the online age means holiday home advertising has never been easier. Instead of paying for expensive print adverts in hundreds of brochures, magazines, or coughing up to the tourist board, the internet gives you mass exposure to a worldwide audience of travellers looking for a holiday home like yours.

Compared to print, advertising your holiday home online is relatively cheap. Out of all the purchases you make, your online holiday let advert will give you the greatest Return on Investment, generating thousands of pounds worth of rental income for a basic annual fee with no commission.

Getting travellers to see your advert online is easy. When you subscribe to you are buying an advert on eleven international sites, and  get exposure to over 387 million holidaymaker visits a year looking to rent a holiday home, rather than stay in a hotel or B&B.

The trick is to optimise your advert, to make travelers choose your home over the competition. It goes without saying that the best adverts get the most bookings and enquiries.

Although you don't need to spend a lot of money on advertising your holiday home, creating the right advert does take careful consideration. Don't worry, you don't have to be a marketing expert to write a great property description or take a desireable photo. Our Complete Guide to Marketing Holiday Homes Online is full of simple industry tricks, to help you beat the competition. Or download our Holiday Home Advertising Checklist, to assess how effective your current online advertising campaign is.