HomeAway.co.uk traveller survey results, February 2011

January to March is always the busiest time for travellers to make booking enquiries for holiday rentals on our site. We thought the height of the bookings season was the best time to survey a pool of over 1000 travellers. We asked them about the sort of holidays they were planning, what type of holiday properties they were looking to book and information about their parties.

The results make for some interesting reading. If you’re new to managing holiday rentals then this should help you get a solid overview of the industry today. Even seasoned pros with years of experience in holiday lets, might be surprised by a few of the findings.

These top travel destinations are also the regions that have the highest number of holiday home property listings on HomeAway.co.uk - we are committed to balancing traveller demand and the number of properties available.


These graphs show traditional holiday booking patterns, 1 or two week holidays in the summer are the most popular.  However there is also a demand for shorter breaks the rest of the year round. We recommend you limit your minimum stay to one or two weeks during the June, July and August, and allow shorter stays, such as weekend breaks, outside of the peak season.

Use the Rental Income Calculator, and you can download the 2010 Rental Rate Setting Guide, which will give you more help and advice about setting rental rates.

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As you can see, holiday rentals appeal to travellers with all sorts of budgets. Whether you own a budget property, or a high end holiday let, there’s a market out there for you. Make sure you point the value for money and the personal value (for example shared living areas where travel parties can spend quality time together) your property can offer on your HomeAway Holiday-Rentals advert.


Traditionally holiday rentals are seen as a travel option for family groups. What’s interesting is that couples seem to be jumping on the band wagon too. If you look at the chart below, a number of couples are looking for two bed roomed properties.
We think more and more couples are choosing holiday rentals because:
Holiday rentals offer more space than a hotel room
Holiday rentals are value for money
They want the experience of staying in a unique HomeAway from home rather than a one size fits all chain hotel room, and to buy into the lifestyle that goes with it
They want an authentic experience of their destination in a residential area

T op tip: It’s important to determine who your target market is (i.e. what sort of people you want to market to, families, couples, groups of friends) and adapt your marketing to appeal to them

Our websites offer a variety of choice. Renting a second home means you can access any sort of destination all over the world.

Travellers are taking all sorts of routes to their holiday rentals. Running holiday rentals near an airport is a plus, but it seems travellers are willing to be flexible to find the perfect location.

Holiday villas, apartments and houses remain the most in demand, but there’s a market out there for more unusual properties as well. By building this international network, we remain the number one choice for travellers.

Travellers like holiday homes with special features. Swimming pools, air conditioning and balconies are all popular facilities. As you can see wireless internet access is also in demand, so offering it to your guests as a complimentary service is a wise move.

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