Property looks set to be the most popular investment of 2011

Property for sale 14/01/2011 - Latest research from the Worldwide Property Group reveals that property is believed by many, to be the best place in which to invest your hard earned cash. Results from the company's latest confidence tracker survey show that a huge 72% of people who took the survey currently believe property to be the best investment, making it easily the most popular choice. Interestingly Gold was in second place at 16% whilst shares trailed in third place with just 11% of the vote.

The survey, which covers several aspects pertaining to the property sector, also revealed that 77% of respondents consider this to be a great time to invest in UK property, with 64% also of the opinion that many overseas property markets represent a great opportunity to invest right now.

In fact, just over half of the people who took the survey are currently considering an overseas property purchase with the USA and Caribbean by far the most popular regions. Spain and France also ranked highly.

On the subject of interest rates, 59% are expecting a rise in the base rate at some point during 2011 whilst 38% are of the opinion that the year will end with the rate still at its current historically low level. Two thirds of respondents say that they are feeling the benefit of low interest rates.

Kevin Wilkes, Managing Director of the Worldwide Property Group comments: "It's no surprise that so many people feel that property offers them the best investment potential. It has consistently produced strong returns for investors over the longer term and during a downturn there is even more potential to achieve great returns."

"The United States is currently a very appealing market with some incredible bargains, especially for those people who can afford a cash purchase. With property often selling at below build cost, this is a market that deserves investor's attention. My tip for 2011 would be to make this the year that you invest. Don't leave it too late and miss out on some of the best opportunities we have seen in decades."

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