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What do the Olympics mean for Landlords & property professionals

David Cameron has said the 2012 London Olympics will bring "a massive legacy" to Britain, and that all areas of commerce should benefit from London's hosting of the event. But what does this mean for landlords and property professionals?

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Marketing techniques to promote your holiday rental

Many holiday home owners who manage holiday rentals have the same problem. Luckily holiday home advertising isn't as complicated as it initially seems. The marketing team at have been hard at work, talking to other marketing professionals and researching what you can do to put yourself above your competitors.

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HomeAway Community

Renting your primary home during a special event

Renting your primary home for a one-time special event can be a lucrative and enjoyable experience. However, you'll want to take certain precautions to ensure the safest experience for yourself and your guests.

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London Olympics 2012 

As the UK gears up to welcome the Olympic Games to London after 64 years, the travel industry needs to carefully study the impact of such a major global sporting event on its business. This is an analysis into the impact of the Olympic Games and other sporting events on the UK travel industry. 

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