Marketing tips to promote your property during special events

Tips for marketing your property during the 2012 Olympics


London Olympics Mention the event in your headline and property description to drive traffic to your listing from search engines.

Look at the rates that similar properties have listed and the prices for some local hotels and then set your rates accordingly. Use our Summer 2012 Rental Map & Calculator on the right to see how much you could charge for your London property this summer. 

Advertise your property on specialised sites, like and Owners Direct.

Ensure you are ready and prepared for Olympics-related queries. For up to date information, check out the London 2012 site.

What types of properties are ideal for event holidaymakers?

The size of the properties sought out by event holidaymakers varies depending on the type of group, and to some degree, the type of event. This is good news for owners because you shouldn't feel limited in your marketing options simply because of the size of your house.

Larger, luxury homes could easily accommodate a corporate group or large family, but a two bedroom apartment could house a group of old friends reuniting for Olympics. Even studios would be ideal for a couple on a budget that would prefer to cook their own meals while on holiday and save some money, especially when compared to hotel rooms or larger properties.

When should you start promoting the event on your listing?

Many holidaymakers will seek out accommodation early on, especially when they know that demand will likely far exceed supply. Once you start to hear buzz about an upcoming event, it's fair game to include some information in your listing.

What about non-event holidaymakers?

For those of you worried about scaring off non-event renters, worry not. You can easily incorporate the event into your headline without sacrificing its integrity. Take a headline like "Stylish apartment in Kensington" and simply change it to "Stylish apartment in Kensington, available for the London Olympics 2012". You are featuring the convenience of your location, which is attractive to the average holidaymaker, while still featuring your availability for this event.

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