London Olympics: the rental opportunity

Demand set to outstrip supply for London hotels and holiday rentals

London 2012With demand for accommodation in London during the 2012 Olympics looking set to far outstrip the supply of hotel rooms, there is a huge opportunity for property owners in the capital to market their properties for the event.

London is consistently one of the most in-demand destinations on, but as it plays host to visitors from around the world for the Olympics, we anticipate demand for London apartment rentals to soar further still, particularly those in close proximity to key Olympic sites and with good transport links to top tourist attractions and sights. In fact, on, booking enquiries for London properties in July and August 2012 have increased by 695% compared to the same period last year and many owners are already fully booked for the summer. has put together a London Summer 2012 mini site with useful information on all the Olympic events taking place across the country. 


Interview with Andy Cockburn, UK Regional Director for, on the opportunity for London owners in 2012

So what could I earn? How much should I charge?

During major sporting events, exhibitions and festivals, property owners typically raise rates from anywhere between 50% to 200%, depending on the popularity of the event and the location of their property.

Use our Summer 2012 Rental Map & Calculator on the right to see how much rental income your property could make


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Summer 2012 Rental Map & Calculator

See how much rental income your property could make during Summer 2012.

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