AIPP Guide: How to Buy Overseas Property Safely

2011 guide out now and free to download

This useful guide from the AIPP is out now and available free to download from its website. The AIPP was formed to establish a professional framework and a clear code of practice for companies operating in the international property arena. Part of its work is also to provide education and guidance to the buyer of overseas property, to help ensure that they are informed and aware when pursuing the purchase of property abroad.

There is much a buyer can do to help protect themselves as they navigate this process, from seeking independent legal advice to ensuring they are fully aware of the financial implications of their purchase. With this in mind the AIPP produces an annual consumer guide and members directory, packed full of useful tips and advice for those considering investing in a second home abroad.

In the guide you can find much needed advice on various aspects of the buying process; things that you may not have thought of or fully considered.

What the guide covers:

Where to buy
Inspection trips
Costs of buying abroad
Legal matters
Transferring currency
Mortgages and taxes
How to rent out your property
Expert advice from AIPP members

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