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Checklist for Turning your Second Home into a Holiday Rental


Holiday Suitcase and UmbrellaHere’s the first port of call for anyone who wants to turn their holiday home into a holiday lettings business. It’s easy to get organised. The Checklist for Turning Your Second Home into a Holiday Rental is a comprehensive plan of attack, listing everything you need to consider. Just follow these simple instructions and you’re away.

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The Holiday Home Equipment and Facilities Checklist


If you want to rent out your holiday home, you need to equip it with some standard items before you can open your doors to the public. Here’s our comprehensive Equipment and Facilities Checklist of everything the customers will need. The “must haves” are essentials, whilst the “extras” are suggestions that will help you gain the edge over your competitors.

And if your second home is in an area with great food markets, or is popular with foodies, simply use the included Kitchen Checklist to stock up, and watch those budding chefs start queuing.

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The Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

Cleaning Bucket

Whether you do your own housekeeping, or employ cleaning and maintenance staff from afar, this is your comprehensive guide to keeping your holiday property as good as new. Follow the Between-Rentals Cleaning Checklist and Seasonal Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist to ensure a through cleaning routine in maintained. Your guests will love the results, and you’ll love not being woken up in the middle of the night by callers. 

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The Holiday Home Advertising Checklist


Many second home owners are getting more internet savvy, and are using great holiday home advertising websites like and to reach a mass audience of travellers looking for the holiday rental experience.

This checklist is designed to help you advertise. Holiday home owners often sell their wonderful properties short simply by not making the most of the service we provide. Whether it’s writing descriptions that don’t display a competitive advantage or uploading photos that miss out the property’s best features. Luckily after sixteen years in the business we know a thing or two about holiday rental advertising. We’ve put our heads together to create a comprehensive list of everything you must include if you advertise a holiday rental property.

The and Owners Direct Advert Checklist can be used to create a new advert or update an existing one. Use it to ensure you show your prized property in its best light.

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We have created a set of paperwork samples to help the renting process of renting your holiday home run smoothly. Easily modifiable, they can be used  whatever the situation. Polite, professional, and designed to put you at an advantage, we’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.

Sample Rental Contract and Invoice


House in secure handsThis Sample Rental Contract contains a modifiable Booking Confirmation, and Invoice to send your renters. Edit it to according to your lettings policy and rest assured that your holiday home will be well protected. A thorough rental agreement checklist is also included. Its never been simpler.

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Sample Security Deposit Refund and Witholding Letters


Send these to your guests after their stay. These letters deal with all the possible outcomes.  Polite and professional, it’s an easy final step to your holiday home renting experience.

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Sample Guest Enquiry Responses

Sample Responses A lot of owners worry about how to respond to enquiries. Here are a set of easy to modify customer enquiry responses, to help you out in every situation. Professional and time saving, they are designed to keep your customers happy, and put you at an advantage.

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Holiday Property Sample Directions and Pre-Arrival Information


Never be woken up by guests in the middle of the night again. Simply modify these Sample Directions for your property and email them to your renters, to ensure your guests have a painless, confusion free journey.

We have also provided a checklist for the Pre-Arrival Information you should send. Based on different location types, they point out everything you should tell your guests to make sure they don’t miss out on anything the local area has to offer. Remember, happy guests leave great reviews, and make those all important repeat bookings.

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Sample Holiday Rental Guest Feed Back Survey

Customer FeedbackA big part of marketing a holiday home, and running a holiday lettings business, is providing your target renters with what they want. Knowing what your previous guests thought of their rental experience can provide some invaluable insight. They can point out any improvements you could make, or provide some great ideas from a completely new angle. You can also use our site to create positive statistics you can use to promote your holiday home.

Simply email this survey to your guests, or hand out a copy at the end of their stay.

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Sample Holiday Home Welcome Letters & Arrival and Departure Policies

Sample Contracts

These sample letters are designed to ensure your check ins and check outs always run smoothly. All the information your guests need to know. This download also includes an Emergency Contact Information Checklist to reassure your guests.

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