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Pay nothing now, pay from 10% per booking (excl. VAT)

Pay-per-booking offers the best value for money for properties that are available for rent for fewer than three weeks per year. You only pay for the bookings you receive with no subscriptions fees upfront, which means you rent when you want, to whom you want, risk free. Which listing option is right for me?

Which listing option is right for me?

As a general rule, Pay-Per-Booking is a better value than an annual subscription for properties that are rented less than three weeks a year. But don’t take our word for it! Enter your rates below to see which option is best for you.

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Cost of a Classic Subscription
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Subscription level Price
Classic search position £249 /yr
Bronze search position £299 /yr
Silver search position £389 /yr
Gold search position £549 /yr
Platinum search position £799 /yr

Remove risk

No upfront cost means you pay nothing until you get a booking, so there’s no financial risk to you.

Get results

The HomeAway network is the #1 holiday rental company with over 60 million visits per month.

Rest easy

Our online booking and payment system ensures every transaction is completely secure.

Make money

With HomeAway, your property earns income instead of sitting empty when you're not using it.

Easy-to-use tools

Your listing includes up to 24 photos, property reviews, a calendar, and much more.

Maintain control

Stay in charge of who rents your home with a 24-hour review period to accept or decline booking requests.

As the newest member to Homeaway, pay-per-booking affords me the opportunity to test the waters without any upfront costs. I started receiving inquiries the day I signed up! It was easy to sign up and the web page is easy to navigate and monitor saving me time and energy. Thank you, Homeaway!

Wendy, Owner Property 3654264  


What is included with my HomeAway listing?

Every advert includes a property headline, description, 24 photos, guest reviews, interactive map, rental rates table, availability calendar and more.

Would pay-per-booking be suitable for me?

The pay-per-booking listing is ideal for those who only rent their primary home or holiday rental for a short season or special event.

What type of properties can I advertise?

Pay-per-booking listings can be used for primary homes, holiday rentals, timeshares, etc.

What are the eligibility requirements for pay-per-booking?

In order to set up a pay-per-booking listing, you must have a billing address and bank account in one of these countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, United States and Canada.

What does it cost?

Pay-per-booking listings cost nothing upfront. 10% commission + VAT will be charged for each booking through and other HomeAway group websites. Bookings through will be charged at 13%. Bookings originating from other expanded distribution partners may be higher.

How does it work?

We'll feature your listing on our site with a prominent "Book Now" button. Potential guests can easily see rates and availability, contact you, and pay online.

Can holidaymakers book pay-per-booking listings offline?

Pay-per-booking listings are required to use our payments platform for all bookings of the property. Paying online through HomeAway is more secure for you and your guests. There are processes in place to ensure payments go through the HomeAway system and listings that do not adhere to the pay-per-booking terms will be removed from the site.

Can I control who rents my home?

Yes, you are always in charge of who rents your home with a 24-hour review period to accept or decline booking requests.

Where will my listing show up in search results?

With pay-per-booking listings, your listing will have variable sort placement.