We found a place to...

In 2013 HomeAway.co.uk is launching its first ever taxi advertising campaign in London with London Taxi Advertising. Throughout January, February and March the company is promoting its website, as well as its new brand campaign,
We found a place to…’, on taxis in London.
Last summer HomeAway.co.uk wanted real people, staying in holiday rentals, having authentic experiences. So we gave 10 families 10 video cameras to record their holidays. See what they came up with!
Featuring the McConnell family enjoying themselves at a private rental in France, the taxi advertising campaign is designed to raise awareness of holiday rentals and encourage more people to find their perfect place for their next getaway.

HomeAway.co.uk, the home of holiday rentals, has more than 410,000 private apartments, cottages and villas worldwide.

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