Exciting developments to take managing your rentals up a gear

  1. ReservationManager™: makes it quick and easy to respond to enquiries, generate quotes and rental agreements and accept online payments
  2. Online Payments: take secure online payments from your guests with low credit card processing fees
  3. Online Bookings: a real-time 'Book Now' functionality
  4. Owner Dashboard: manage your holiday rentals advert and online bookings in one place
  5. Improved holidaymaker experience: booking a holiday rental will be more safe and convenient
  6. Free: and the best thing about all these improvements is that they will come at no extra cost to yourself*

We are pleased to let you know in advance about some exciting product developments which will be ready to launch later in 2012. We’ll be adding some great features to our website designed to make the business of managing your rentals easier and more efficient.

We’ll also be working on behalf of holidaymakers too; making the holiday rentals experience safer and more convenient for them.

*If you choose to accept online payments there will be a payment fee of less than 3%.

Online holiday rentals - Flexible - Convenient - Secure


Better together

We want you to get involved with our new features and ensure you are fully informed every step of the way. In order to achieve this:

  • We won’t release a product until it has been tried, tested and refined by real owners just like you
  • Each new feature will be announced with plenty of time prior to launch
  • We will release specially designed materials to help you prepare for each one

We’ll be sending a special series of “HomeAway UK 2012” communications to keep you posted on news of upcoming developments. Look out for HomeAway UK 2012 in the subject line and please read them to stay informed.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. | ideas@HomeAway.co.uk | Tel: +44 (0) 208 827 1971

Until then happy renting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I am happy with the current functionality and do not want to take part in the change?

    These features have been developed by specialists and the industry-specific software will help you run your holiday home business more efficiently and cost-effectively. We are very excited about ReservationManager™, Online Payments and Online Bookings and would encourage everyone to trial it. However, as we know that some people would prefer to maintain manual control of their accounts, ReservationManager, Online Payments and Online Booking will be optional when introduced, meaning you can continue to receive enquiries using the current system if this is your preference.
  2. How competitive are the transaction fees? Will I be losing money due to the transaction fees?

    We have done a lot of research into the percentage transaction fee being charged by PayPal and the other big competitors in the marketplace, and have worked extremely hard to negotiate the best deal for you. Working on such a large scale means we have secured some of the best fees possible. We will communicate more details regarding the exact fees nearer to the launch date.
  3. Will you increase your prices when you introduce these new products?

    ReservationManager will be included in your subscription at no extra cost. We do not plan to increase our basic subscription price and will not ask you to pay a sign-up fee.

    Please note, there will be a small but highly competitive processing fee for online credit card transactions.

See more Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you doing this?

    Central to HomeAway's mission is our drive to be the pioneer of the online holiday rentals market. In order to achieve this, we are constantly looking to innovate and improve our offering to you and the industry as a whole. The best way for us to do this is by providing you with the most efficient tools to run your holiday home business and ecommerce able our sites.

    For you, this provides the ability to take secure bookings 24/7 from around the world helping you never miss another booking again. A simplified management process with one complete system from which to run your enquiries, payments, scheduling and reservations will enable you to improve efficiency, increase bookings and maximise your holiday home income potential.

    For your guests, holidaymakers will be able make secure online payments with a credit card - at any hour of the day or night, creating a simplified booking process, and a process more in line with that of hotels with which they are familiar.

    A recent PhoCusWright study* states that 48% of holidaymakers cite the ability to check availability and book online influences their rental property selection, and online booking of holiday rentals in Europe growing faster than the overall holiday rental market.

    *Source: PhoCusWright European Vacation Rental Marketplace 2011
  2. I am currently using an online payments system I am happy with. What are the benefits of switching to your system?

    ReservationManager is a management software platform that gives you complete control and flexibility over your guest enquiries, communications and reservations. It is not only an online payments tool but also a powerful management and reservation system enabling you to integrate your online payments with the following features, and manage your enquiries and scheduling remotely, all in one place and securely 24/7.

    ReservationManager features include:
    • Responding to enquiries with custom email templates and saved rental quotes
    • Upload rental agreements and have guests agree to them online
    • Sending payment requests
    • Accepting online payments from your guests with low credit card processing fees

    Holidaymakers who prefer to pay securely online by credit card will be able to filter their holiday rental search results based on whether properties accept online payments and the results given will only list properties on ReservationManager it will not account for properties using other online payment systems.
  3. What if I want to take a reservation from another website?

    ReservationManager makes it quick and easy to respond to enquiries, generate quotes and rental agreements and affordably accept online payments from your guests. It provides a complete booking system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We therefore positively encourage you to run all of your holiday home business through ReservationManager.
    The system can be used to send a payment request to customers from other websites and offline enquiries by simply manually entering the guest's details into the system.
  4. The automatic online booking functionality worries me, I would like to maintain some control over who rents my holiday home.

    Whilst these tools have been designed specifically for the needs of individual homeowners like yourself, we understand that a few owners would prefer to maintain manual control of their booking process.
    To ensure that there's something to suit everyone, we are building the Online Booking System with four levels of functionality. Rest assured, whichever product you choose, you'll be getting booking software that's simple, reduces the time you spend on admin and maximises your holiday home occupancy.

    1. Manual Enquiry - the current HomeAway system
      Totally manual and under your control
    2. Manual Online Payments - also totally under your control
      You send the payment request once you are satisfied with the chosen renter
    3. Quote and Hold - semi-automated
      The traveller would pay a deposit to 'hold' your property for 24-48 hours until you give the final approval.
    4. Book Now - fully automated
      The traveller pays their deposit to secure a booking, and so may not be for everyone. Your calendar is automatically updated and the money transferred directly to you without approval.
  5. Can the transaction fee be passed on to holidaymakers?

    If this is legal in your locale*, then there is nothing to stop you passing on the transaction fee to holidaymakers. Reservation Manager allows you to add custom fees to individual bookings. For example, if you wanted you could list your payment request as follows:
    €1000 + €30 booking fee.

    *it is your responsibility to check the laws in your locale
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