HomeAway.co.uk 15th Birthday: testimonial submission terms and conditions

I am submitting my profile (my “Content”), which have been entered by email to the given address (apopa@HomeAway.co.uk) for avoidance of doubt, which HomeAway UK Ltd. accepts either HomeAway UK Ltd. or any other entity of the HomeAway group of companies (together "HomeAway" may reuse under the Terms and Conditions on HomeAway.co.uk and these additional Terms and Conditions. In case of conflict between these terms and the terms on HomeAway.co.uk the terms on HomeAway.co.uk shall prevail.

1. Re-Use Terms. I assign HomeAway UK Ltd. the perpetual right to re-use the Content in any medium and for any promotional purpose.

2. No Fee. I will receive no payment for any re-use of the Content.

3. My Duties. I warrant by this agreement that I am the original author of the “story”. I acknowledge that HomeAway UK Ltd. is relying on this warranty, and I affirm to HomeAway UK Ltd. that the re-use of my Content will not infringe on the rights of any third party. I agree to hold HomeAway UK Ltd. harmless from actions by third parties asserting any rights to the Content. In the event that a third party proves that they hold the copyright to the Content, I agree to pay the copyright holder any fee associated with the use of the Content by HomeAway UK Ltd.

4. HomeAway UK Ltd.'s Duties. HomeAway UK Ltd. may use the Content but has no obligation to do so. HomeAway UK Ltd. does not guarantee the Content will be chosen for any purpose. If the Content is selected for re-use, HomeAway UK Ltd. may use commercially reasonable efforts to promote my listing.

5. Termination. I can terminate this Agreement at any time in writing by notifying HomeAway UK Ltd. Any re-use of the Content that pre-dates the written termination will remain subject to this Agreement, and I specifically and irrevocably give the right to re-use to HomeAway UK Ltd. for such pre-existing re-use.

6. Entire Agreement. This Agreement is the entire agreement between HomeAway UK Ltd. and me with respect to re-use of the Content.

7. Submitting a HomeAway.co.uk 15th Birthday testimonial entitles me to recieve:
One (1) free HomeAway.co.uk Guest Book and
One (1) free ticket to the 2012 HomeAway UK Owner Summit (tickets to go on sale this November)

This Agreement is between HomeAway UK Ltd. and me as an individual. This Agreement becomes effective as of the date I email my testimonial.