Where is hot in February?

By February, most of us know that spring can only come too soon! The little sunshine we do see comes at the price of cold, wet weather, so we wrap up as well as we can and become best friends with the central heating! Of course, if you feel like February’s getting you down, there is an alternative option: jet off to sunnier countries, and enjoy some much-needed sunbathing! Whether you fancy sightseeing or lazing on the sand, there are dozens of excellent destinations to discover in February: you could head to India and take a trip to the Taj Mahal, or enjoy blissful beaches in the Bahamas.

Top 5 places to stay for sunny climes in February

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February holidays in the Bahamas


Whether you fancy a last-minute break or you’re treating a loved one to that Valentine’s gift, the Bahamas are a truly incredible February destination. It’s the peak season for tourists, meaning all of its 700 islands are brimming with exciting experiences and beautifully warm weather. Of course, while there are three things that come to mind when considering February breaks in the Bahamas - namely sun, sea and sand! - there’s so much to see and do while you’re there. This part of the world is home to around 14.5% of the coral reefs on earth, so scuba diving’s an absolute must.

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February holidays in Malaysia


Many tourists make the mistake of visiting Southeast Asia during the hot season, when temperatures can prove unbearably warm, rendering sightseeing and sunbathing impossible! February’s actually the perfect time to head for magnificent Malaysia, when the weather’s at its most pleasant, and despite zero rainfall, the country’s looking lush. You’ll enjoy incredible mountain scenery and blissful white-sand beaches, as well as an amazing array of attractions and activities, from the volcanic terrain of Pantai Pasir Hitam to the sensational, ancient ruins of Istan Negara.

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February holidays in South Africa

South Africa

If you’re seeking seemingly endless sunshine and high average temperatures, South Africa’s the spot for you. In Cape Town it’s the height of summer, with temperatures of at least 27°C and almost 11 hours of sunshine a day! There are hundreds of exciting events in the city, as the locals celebrate the summer, but you can also opt for a more relaxed stay in the countryside, staying in the luscious South African winelands surrounding. There’s also the possibility of a safari of course, where you’ll undoubtedly spot the Big 5: head for Kruger National Park for a truly unforgettable break.

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February holidays in Morocco


If you want to enjoy warmth and sunshine, but don’t want to deal with long-haul flights, Morocco’s a great bet for January breaks. There are bustling markets in Marrakech to consider, brimming with spices and colourful fabrics, but also the ancient buildings of Fez, where the hat of the same name comes from, of course! Those seeking sunshine outside of the city can enjoy a relaxing break along the beach: for temperatures averaging a pleasant 23°C, head for the sands of Agadir or Essaouira. The Atlas Mountains aren’t as warm at this time of year, but perfect for keen hikers and climbers.

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February holidays in Cuba


Located south of Florida in the north of the Caribbean, Cuba’s a beautiful destination at any time of year. But January comes in the middle of Cuba’s dry season, so it’s a great time to visit when you’re looking to both sunbathe and sightsee. Temperatures in winter are topping a pleasant 26°C, you can easily spend your days on sun-soaked sands and in warm, clear seas! Of course, no trip would be complete without seeing the island’s capital, Havana, where you can shop for world-famous cigars and locally-produced rum: by the time the evening rolls round, it’ll be time to do some Rumba!

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