France is at the height of the fashion and wine world and is the epitome of culinary delights, so you’re guaranteed an incredible experience wherever you go. However, some French destinations stand head and shoulders above the rest, and here we take a look at five of the very best.

Brittany and Normandy

France’s northern region boasts fertile agricultural lands and beautiful, rolling meadows filled with flowers. The coastal provinces of Brittany and Normandy are the most beautiful of all with fantastic scenery alongside incredible beaches and rocky imposing coastlines. Normandy is famous for the D-Day landings, and you’ll definitely want to experience the sun-swept beaches and the history on offer. Brittany is alive with Neolithic monuments and has some of the most impressive and vast standing stone arrangements in the world. All along the coast you can find traditional French towns with a laid-back atmosphere and wonderful food. Staying in an apartment or villa in this region gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy French culture at its finest and have a peaceful escape from the world.


The Languedoc-Roussillon region of France lies west of the Cote d’Azur, and while it doesn’t have the same reputation as the French Riviera, it’s just as incredible for a summer holiday destination. The beachfront towns and villages are the biggest highlight with beautiful Mediterranean beaches that aren’t as busy as the Riviera. There are also a staggering three quarters of a million acres of vineyards in the region, and it’s one of the best places for wine-tasting holidays in the world. The chateau throughout the countryside are incredible destinations, but there are also fortress castles from Roman and medieval times, well-preserved medieval cities such as Carcassonne, and a plethora of attractions to experience. Villa holidays are incredible here and perfect for long and short breaks.

The French Alps

The French Alps are the best skiing destination in Europe and offer you an incredible chance to enjoy winter sports or summer hiking at their finest. The Alpine chalets on offer in France are superb with incredible views and the best skiing infrastructure in the world. Top destinations include Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc, the family-friendly Tignes, the sprawling and busy Val d’Isere, and almost any of the smaller tucked-away skiing resorts. In the winter skiing here is a real delight and perfect for beginners or experts. In the summer you can hike the beautiful mountain trails to enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, stroll the borders of vast icy lakes, or see incredible waterfalls. Chalet holidays to the French Alps are simply incredible.

The Cote d’Azur

World renowned as a playground for the rich and famous, the Cote d’Azur is the epitome of luxury Mediterranean destinations. The coast and the beaches are the real highlights with over 300 days of sunshine a year falling on immaculate beaches. The city of Nice and the towns of Cannes, St. Tropez, and Antibes are amongst some of the finest destinations, with beautiful marinas and a host of luxury living on offer. Inland you can explore the beautiful South of France with the papal seat at Avignon and the rivers and hills of the countryside amongst some of the finest attractions. Holiday accommodation on the Cote d’Azur is incredible, from luxury villas to sea-view apartments, and there are always lively activities and entertainment on offer alongside world-famous restaurants and bars.


The capital is the obvious place to start as it’s the most popular holiday destination in France. It boasts a magical array of culture, history, and art with some of the world’s most iconic monuments. The Eiffel Tower is the biggest draw, and a journey to the top provides magnificent views across the city. There’s Notre Dame cathedral, the Arc def Triomphe, the Louvre with the Mona Lisa, and the languid banks of the Seine winding through the city. Paris is the fashion capital of the world and one of France’s cultural gems, with fantastic shows and music. Few cities have so much to offer in the way of art and museums, and the attractions are the best in Europe, period. Apartments and houses in the city give you a fantastic experience of the city and save you a lot of money!

Wherever you choose to go in France, there will be incredible attractions and beautiful scenery on offer. Flights to most of the best destinations are very cheap thanks to our proximity, and you can fly to Paris from London for as little as £20 each way. Alternatively, you can book a ferry to Calais or the South of France, which is great and not too expensive if you want to take a car. You also have the option for the Eurostar if you’re going to Paris or Eurodisney, which is a great option,though expensive if you don’t book well in advance. France is the most popular holiday destination in Europe for a reason and is well worth visiting again and again to see every side of this wonderful place.