Mother Ivey's Bay beach holidays

Close to Padstow, straight north of the heart of Cornwall, you'll find Mother Ivey's Bay Beach holiday rentals. The beach's name is as elegant as the beach cottages are many. Mother Ivey's Bay Beach holiday accommodations are a smart choice for anyone looking to explore not only one beach but its surroundings as well.

General information

Mother Ivey's Bay is a pet-friendly beach: You can bring the dog and even leave the leash at your beach holiday home. If you enjoy physical activities, Mother Ivey's Bay is one of the best U.K. beaches for you, as there are many beaches in the vicinity where you can hone your surfing and body boarding skills. Mother Ivey's Bay is perfect for a family beach holiday. There’s just so much to see and do, there are no noisy clubs or loud music, and the staff and locals are very friendly. You won't regret cheap beach holidays in Mother Ivey's Beach. The beachhead is a sight to behold, the many villages in the area offer hikers plenty of respite, and it's a child-friendly beach as well.

Major attractions

There’s no town of Mother Ivey. There’s a holiday park , but you won't find any facilities there. That makes for cheap Mother Ivey's Bay Beach holidays and means that of all the beach holidays in England, a Mother Ivey's Bay holiday will be relatively quiet. You'll enjoy your privacy at the best beach in England for Britons who value some privacy. However, the lack of facilities doesn't mean you'll feel bored, as there are many nearby towns to visit, the most of which offer excellent facilities and restaurants. The latter use excellent freshly caught fish. If you enjoy fish and chips—and who doesn't?—you're in for a treat. The four most popular villages in the area are Trevone, Harlyn, Constantine Bay, and Treyarnon. The latter is really small, though, so it's best to visit it during a lovely ramble in the countryside. Somewhat farther away, but still within driving distance, you'll find Padstow, which offers everything the budding surfer, hiker, swimmer, and visitor require. Padstow is definitely worth a visit: The atmosphere is cosy, close-knit, and lovely, and so are its surroundings.


Mother Ivey's Bay Beach is a solid contender for the best U.K. beach holidays. Whether you’re looking for a suitable destination for couples’ beach holidays, family beach holidays, or even group beach holidays, Mother Ivey's Bay Beach won't let you down. The area in and around Mother Ivey's Bay Beach is perfect for surfers. If you already know how to hit the waves, you can dive straight into the sea. If you still need to learn, there's a surfing school right next to the beach where you can learn the tricks of the surfing trade. The locals are very friendly too. The site manager is known for his patience and kindness, and a great host makes for a great beach holiday. If you're looking for beach apartments, you won't have to look far. There's a holiday park close by, and there are plenty of beach holiday homes in the towns in the vicinities. There are also self-catering beach cottages for those who enjoy a little more privacy. On the beach, you'll find plenty of other tourists, which is great for the kids. They can make new friends while they splash around in the water. Mother Ivey's Bay Beach is the best beach in England for pretty much any Briton.

When to visit

It’s best to visit Mother Ivey's Bay Beach in summer and perhaps early autumn, depending on whether you want to hike the countryside or stick to the beaches. The high season is in summer when there’s a lot to do in and around Padstow.

How to reach

Take the M4 to Bristol, then take the M5 to Exeter. From there, take the A30 till you reach Bodmin. From there, either take the scenic route straight north or keep driving and take the A39 to Winnards Perch. Once there, head to the B3274, which leads you straight to Padstow.

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