Kynance Cove beach holidays

With its glorious white sand, beautiful scenic views, and secluded aspect, Kynance Cove Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Britain. The child-friendly beach is perfect for family beach holidays, and with ample parking in close proximity to the cove, it’s easily accessible.

General information

At low tide, Kynance Cove Beach also has access to Asparagus Island, an intimate outcrop of the mainland that’s perfect for couples’ beach holidays. A pet-friendly beach that allows dog walking between Easter and October, Kynance Cove Beach is a great place to spend the summer on a relaxing U.K. beach holiday. Kynance Cove Beach also has a cafe that looks directly over the coastline, serving delicious food all year round; however, cheap Kynance Cove Beach holidays are also possible with a picnic on the soft sand. For those who like to keep active while enjoying beach holidays in England, there are plenty of scenic trails in the area, and the beach can usually be reached from your beach cottage or beach holiday home.

Major attractions

The natural beauty that surrounds Kynance Cove Beach is one of the major attractions to the area, and the azure-blue ocean vistas are among the most celebrated in the U.K. Family beach holidays in the cove are extra special for kids, with many crags, cliffs, and rock pools to spend the day exploring. A number of caves are also open for exploration at low tide, and for visitors enjoying one of the many self-catering beach cottages in the area, the surrounding countryside is also a real treat. Kynance Cove Beach is also famous for its serpentine rock formations that snake along this stretch of coast, creating a dazzling contrast between the red, blue, and green rocks and the white sand. Kynance Cove Beach is a fantastic place for swimming, although with no life guard available, parents are advised to be vigilant with younger children, particularly around high tide.


Kynance Cove Beach holidays provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy a number of activities, including swimming, surfing, or simply relaxing in the sun. Group beach activities such as diving and snorkelling are also possible as the water quality in this area is superb. And beach holidays here can be cheap because the extensive rock stacks and caves—with names such as The Parlour and The Drawing Room—are completely free to explore. On the beach, breathtaking views and pristine sand are perfect for a lazy day in the sun or something more energetic. Beach games are popular in the area and can be fun for the whole family. Beach holiday accommodation around Kynance Cove Beach provides a fantastic base for you to explore the area, and a two-mile footpath, bursting with beautiful flora and fauna, follows the coast to Lizard Point, the southernmost part of the U.K.

When to visit

Kynance Cove Beach is glorious in the summer, and temperatures can sometimes peak at 30 degrees. But beach apartments in the surrounding area are a great way to enjoy a long weekend at Kynance Cove Beach in any season. Autumn is particularly beautiful, and the weather often remains warm into late September.

How to reach

Beach holiday rentals provide easy access to Kynance Cove Beach along one of the many public footpaths. If you’re travelling from outside Cornwall, then Kynance Cove Beach is approximately eleven miles from Helston along the A394. Alternatively, the A3083 to Lizard also serves Kynance Cove Beach.

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