It’s a welcoming and warm Mediterranean country where families are treated incredibly—Italians will go out of their way for your children. It’s also a richly diverse country in terms of what’s on offer, boasting some of the most significant and artistic cities in the world, such as Rome with the Colosseum and Vatican City, Venice with its canals, and Florence with its art and architecture.

The cities are enticing places for all ages and boast some of the most significant cultural artefacts of the past 2,000 years. Beyond the cities, Italy has much to offer. In the northwest, you can explore the Italian Alps, with world-class skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities. In Tuscany, you can explore the vineyards, medieval towns, and the beautiful countryside. In the south, there’s the Italian Riviera, Napoli, Pompeii, and the beautiful beaches along the coast of Sicily. Whether you want a city break, a beach holiday, or outdoor activities, family holidays to Italy offer it all.

Family Holidays in Tuscany

Tuscany is Italy’s most famous, most beautiful, and most relaxing region and offers a wide variety of family-friendly accommodations, attractions, and activities. While it may be famous for its laid-back ambience and vineyards, Tuscany is a fun destination for families, with historic sites, rolling hills, beautiful weather, and perfect beaches. There are fantastic accommodation options, from country villas with pools to seaside apartments.

Holidays in Sicily with Family

Sicily is one of Italy’s best beach destinations and boasts a cornucopia of impressive historical sites and ornate villages and architecture. The coast is by far the biggest draw, with beautiful sandy beaches, lively resorts, and quiet traditional Italian towns and villages. Family accommodation can be luxurious in this region, and there are many properties with pools or ocean views just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Family Holidays on the Italian Lakes

The Italian lakes are absolutely breathtaking, and the Italian Lake District is one of Italy’s most popular and exciting countryside destinations. The villas, houses, and apartments on offer here are truly spectacular and range from traditional Italian villas to modern spacious houses. The lakes Como, Lugano, and Maggiore are the most popular, but wherever you stay in this region, you can guarantee stunning scenery, incredible outdoor activities, and a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Family Holiday accommodation in Puglia

Puglia in the south of Italy is famous for one thing: beaches. Family holidays in Puglia offer you one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the world. There are modern resort towns, quiet local fishing villages, and traditional seaside towns to explore. This is possibly the best area to explore if you like beach holidays, and you can take day trips to some of Italy’s most famous attractions, such as Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.

Sardinia holiday with Family

Sardinia is unusual for Italy in that its culture is a curious mix of Italian and French. This island retains its own distinct history and cultural identity but also boasts incredible beaches and a coastline to fall in love with. You can often get a great deal to the island, and accommodations on offer are excellent, with plenty of luxury villas, houses with pools, and sea-view apartments along the coast. The island also has some great historical sites and towns to explore, making it a firm favourite with visitors.

Family holidays to Italy really have a huge amount to offer, and you can save a lot of money by choosing rented accommodation. Flights to most parts of the country cost as little as £50 return, and while day to day prices may be high, you can cook your own food and bring your own entertainment to save a lot of money.

For children, most of the attractions are free, and there are a lot of things to do that will not cost you a penny. Italy’s culture and atmosphere make it a very relaxing family holiday choice and one you will want to visit again.