Umbria Travel Guide

Italy’s so-called ‘green heart’ is a spiritual kind of place. St. Francis, Italy’s patron saint, once roamed its gentle hills, quiet forests, and tended olive groves. His life is celebrated in churches everywhere, but especially in the Basilica frescoes in the hill-town of his birth, Assisi. St. Benedict, founder of the Benedictine monastic order, St. Clare, and St. Valentine (yes, that one) are just a few more of history’s many canonized Umbrians. But a trip here does more than just feed your soul. Umbria is a region that knows how to look after your stomach, too.

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Gastronomic itinerary
By Donald Strachan
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Family itinerary
By Rebecca Winke
  • 1. Marmore Waterfall
  • 2. Rocca Maggiore
  • 3. Mercato delle Gaite
  • 4. Piano Grande
  • 5. Perugina
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Franciscan itinerary
By Rebecca Winke
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Sagra itinerary
By Rebecca Winke
  • 1. Porchettiamo
  • 2. Il Mercato delle Gaite
  • 3. Sagra dell’Oca
  • 4. Festa degli Amici
  • 5. Festa della Cipolla
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Hiking itinerary
By Rebecca Winke
  • 1. Route of St. Francis
  • 2. Il Lago di Pilato
  • 3. Spoleto-Norcia
  • 4. Spello-Collepino
  • 5. Lake Trasimeno
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Underground itinerary
By Rebecca Winke
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Jennifer McIlvaine
Wine tasting itinerary
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Perugia temperatures
Main Events
May 15th
Corsa dei Ceri
The town of Corsa split into three teams each of them representing a saint.
Spoleto Festival
Based on the notion that difference, range, and depth in the arts should be celebrated.
Umbria Jazz Festival
The talents of a clutch of renowned jazz musicians are put under the spotlight.
How to get to Umbria
Times to Perugia railway station
San Francesco d'Assisi PEG
  • Bus 20'
  • Train -
  • Taxi 15'
Falconara (Ancona) AOI
  • Bus -
  • Train -
  • Taxi 1h 37'
Fiumicino (Rome) FCO
  • Bus -
  • Train 3h 52'
  • Taxi 2h 01'