Dolomites summer holidays

The Dolomites, in the northern Italian portion of the Alps, is a dramatically beautiful area that will enthral holidaymakers seeking high altitude excursions. Home to a number of superb ski resorts, the area attracts adrenaline-lovers the world over, and every summer attracts bikers, gliders and seasoned trekkers. The Dolomites’ visual beauty and awe inspiring views were officially recognised when it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. Picturesque towns and villages ring the imposing mountain range, offering innumerable possibilities for holidaymakers of every budget and activity level.

Top five destinations for Dolomites summer holidays

Regions such as the scenic Trentino-Alto Adiege cater for visitors as diverse as families on summer breaks, couples desiring romantic getaways, and extreme sport fans seeking energetic excursions. The combination of unspoilt countryside, superb restaurants, world-class spa facilities, and relaxing Italian atmosphere make the scores of towns and villages circling the range ideal summer holiday destinations. Retire to a HomeAway Italian villa nestled in the Dolomites, for a snug evening in before a bustling day spent exploring the area's great outdoors.

Dolomites summer holidays in Belluno


The Dolomites frame the picturesque town of Belluno in northern Veneto. The landscape attracts scores of hikers and skiers annually, and there are numerous centres to hire equipment circling the town. However, holidaymakers may wish to combine their Italian break in the mountains with a trip to the stunning city of Venice, securing Belluno as a great base for a holiday of contrasts. The city of Padua and the smaller town of Conegliano are also closely situated to Belluno. From the Piazza dei Martiri, walk to the Duomo, built in the sixteenth century and an exemplar of the yellow stone architecture characteristic of the town. Or travel to the beautiful Torre Civica, built in the twelfth century, or the Porta Ruga. And at the end of the day, retreat to your villa to watch the sunset over the snow-capped peaks.

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The hill-ringed town of Feltre was a site of historical conflict in 1509, when the War of the League of Cambrai destroyed much of the town. However, an incredible reconstruction effort has secured its status as one of the finest examples of sixteenth century architecture in the region. Visit the Duomo, home to a tomb sculpted by the Renaissance artist Tullio Lombardo. The Via Mezzaterra is considered the town’s main street, which holidaymakers can use to snake down the centre of town, exploring striking sixteenth century structures as they go. Visit the Ognissanti church and the Bapistry for a glimpse into the town’s fascinating heritage. Alternatively, discover Carlo Rizzardo’s wrought-iron works in the Galleria D'arte Moderna Carlo Rizzarda.

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Dolomites summer holidays in Cortina d’Ampezzo


Experience a different side of the beautiful Cortina d’Ampezzo, a celebrated ski resort, in the winter. The mountain ranges surrounding the area, including Monte Sorapiss, Monte Pelmo and the Gruppo delle Marmarole, provide awe-inspiring views. Visitors may want to explore the area by cable car, a preferred mode of transport in this area. Having experienced a morning suspended in mid-air, or touring spectacular slopes, sample the delicious ice cream in the parlours, before taking an afternoon visit to the village of Alleghe. The village’s picturesque lake, circled by pine forests, is an ideal spot to unwind. From here, travellers can choose to embark on the popular hike to Monte Civetta.

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Dolomites summer holidays in Canazei


Canazei’s appeal lies in its ability to offer holidaymakers both dramatic sunsets over the peaks in the evening, and some of the region's most thrilling hiking trails during the day. The Gruppo di Sella, for example, is geared towards more experienced hikers, whereas the Viel del Pan, provides amateur walkers an opportunity to tour the scenery! There are fantastic transport links for hikers keen to explore the area, and proactive tourists may choose to embark on a trip up the Great Dolomites Road. However, in the summer, it's also possible to rent bicycles and draw up your own cycling route, stopping at scenic beauty spots such as Passo Pordoi and Passo Sella.

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Dolomites summer holidays in Vigo di Fassa


Vigo di Fasso is a brilliant base for holidaymakers wishing to explore the gorgeous Val di Fassa area. With excellent transport links, Vigo di Fasso is a superb location to rest and recuperate before conquering the staggering Catinaccio range, which writer Theodor Christomannos once described as ‘the gate into the kingdom of immortal ghosts…’. From Vigo, you may also choose to visit Corvara, Canazei, or Predazzo. Or, if you want to keep closer to home, trek up Torri del Vajiolet to experience some truly spine-tingling views. Alternatively, ride by cable-car and ascend the majestic peaks at your leisure.

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