Luxury Christmas Holidays

Christmas is always a time of luxury and pampering; whether it’s having that fourth helping of Christmas dinner or being spoilt with presents and a warm fire. However, some years we really want to splash out and enjoy our Christmas as much as possible. A luxury Christmas holiday gives you the chance to have an incredible Christmas, escape from the world and really spoil yourself. With that in mind we decided to look at the best luxury Christmas holiday destinations from around the world and, with so many luxury villas on offer, you’ll find something perfect!

Luxury Christmas Breaks in French Polynesia


The group of islands making up French Polynesia in the pacific are amongst the most beautiful island destinations in the world and, in terms of luxury Christmas holidays, incredibly hard to beat. The tropical islands with their beautiful beaches, abundant sea life and rich and glamorous accommodation and facilities make this an incredibly popular destination. The lagoon island of Bora Bora is by far the most popular and luxurious but any of the beautiful French Polynesian islands will give you an incredibly relaxed and luxurious Christmas holiday with the azure waters and crystal sands being decadent and fantastically relaxing.

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Luxury Christmas Breaks in the Caribbean


The Caribbean is incredibly warm over December and there are dozens of incredibly luxurious options for Christmas holidays. Of all the islands in this region Barbados probably offers the most opulent getaways but all the islands are stunningly beautiful with fantastic beaches and incredible cultures and history to enjoy. If you want to bask in luxury then Barbados offers incredible beaches, stunning resorts and an atmosphere that is much more friendly and laid back than many of the other islands. However, there are some other great islands with Cuba being the best for culture and history and Jamaica offering a culture like no other in the world.

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Luxury Christmas Breaks in Iceland


While it’s not that far away Iceland offers one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world thanks to its unique climate and beautiful scenery. In terms of Christmas pampering you have a fantastic volcanic spa island at your disposal; with gorgeous thermal waters surrounded by ice flows and warm pools. There are hundreds of day spas and spa treatments available but it is the outdoor pools that really capture the heart of Iceland with the Blue Lagoon being the best of the best and the most popular. Beyond the thermal waters and relaxation there’s the beautiful Reykjavik with its fantastic monuments, churches and incredible cuisine. In the north you can explore the beautiful icy landscape with icebergs, waterfalls, snow and ice before slipping back to a warm fire and beautiful starry skies!

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Luxury Christmas Breaks in Finland


If you want the most luxurious family Christmas in the world then Finland and, more importantly Lapland, is the very best destination the world can offer. While some parts have been marketed as a Christmas wonderland with Santa Claus and sleigh rides there’s also a lot on offer in the way of luxury. There’s incredible accommodation and luxury chalets, there’s beautiful snowscapes, snowmobiling, ice fishing, beautiful starry skies and the chance to see the northern lights. In terms of natural beauty few countries can even compare to Finland. If you want the whole family Christmas experience then there are incredible family activities on offer and family attractions with the whole package offering you a chance to make some incredible memories while guaranteeing a white Christmas!

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Luxury Christmas Breaks in Colorado USA


In terms of a decadent skiing getaway you really can’t beat Colorado and, in particular, Aspen. The Rocky Mountains are incredibly beautiful and offer you some of the best skiing in the world. The slopes are well groomed, there’s a huge diverse array of terrain and the mountain views and vast forests are beautiful beyond description. However, what draws people to Colorado and Aspen is the accommodation and après-ski scene. There are some of the most incredible chalets in the world, there’s glamorous shops and world famous restaurants. There’s also the chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous or pamper yourself in luxury at spas and bars.

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Luxury Holiday Villas in Thailand