Regularly attracting tens of thousands of participants, the marathon promises entrants and spectators a marvellous day out, actively celebrating health and motivation in a shared activity. Central to this is the huge range of charities represented by the often colourfully costumed runners and their supporters. Millions of spectators line London's streets along the 26-mile course, adding their cheers to the sheer volume of an event that takes vibrancy and enthusiasm to its limit. With local homes and businesses decked out encouragingly along the landmark-pocketed route, marathon time brings a festival spirit to London. Tourists intending to see the city blooming during the springtime event can take full advantage of the tremendous holiday rentals available.


The London Marathon has been an annual fixture of the city's cultural life for over three decades. Dating back to 1981, the race was founded by former Olympic athletes Chris Brasher and John Disley. Inspired by the community spirit realised by the New York Marathon, they set about attempting to replicate it in London. They were tremendously successful in this ambition and managed to secure charitable status for the event as a whole. The first London Marathon saw over 6,000 participants take part to the well-wishes of thousands more. Since then over 800,000 runners have run the illustrious race.

London Marathon Route

The London Marathon is arranged in a varied route through the city, taking in bridges, famous sites, and long and busy thoroughfares. Beginning in Blackheath in the southeast corner, the race continues through Charlton and Woolwich before turning back to meet Greenwich's Cutty Sark. From there, runners celebrate the halfway point by crossing the Thames at London Bridge. Then they progress on a tour of the Docklands and the eastern edge of the city before reaching the closing section along the embankment and Birdcage Walk, with the London Eye, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace all coming into view.

The Charity

The spirit of the London Marathon is built on charitable donations and the raising of awareness and funds supporting a variety of local and worldwide issues. The event has secured well over £550 million for charity since its conception. The event's primary charity organiser, the London Marathon Charitable Trust, is in charge of the sponsorship, entrance fees, and official charity selections for the jubilant occasion. In addition, entrants are free to select charities of their own choosing, securing sponsorship from friends and loved ones on their route to the finish line.

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The City

London is a world-class city offering visitors a wealth of enriching experiences. Marathon runners and supporters will be able to celebrate their participation in a variety of ways. From the historical and cultural centres of the famous British Museum and Tate Galleries to the shopping meccas of Piccadilly and Oxford Street, visitors will never be at a loss for something to experience. Restaurants and dining experiences from every corner of the globe are on every doorstep, so if you've always dreamt of discovering the London high life, now’s the time!


London has a vast array of quality accommodation available to tourists looking to make the most of the London Marathon. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday home with the attentive full services of recognised and experienced establishments, you’ve come to the right place. There’s also a wealth of self-catering accommodation options available, putting the guest firmly in control. With the freedom and the confidence that assured hotel, bed and breakfasts, and guest houses located around the marathon's main areas can provide, you can be certain of a fulfilling stay. On your marks, get set, go!